10 Egregiously Late Stoppages In MMA

March 22, 2014 | 2 Comments » | Topics: main

As much as I hate an early stoppage in MMA, a late stoppage is almost criminal. The refs job is to protect the fighters when they cannot intelligently defend themselves anymore and its a crying shame when a fighter is left at the whim of a ref’s incompetence. Here’s a look 10 of the most outrageous late-stoppages in mma history

Cyborg vs Finney


Frederick Brown vs Daniel Gallemore


Pat Curran vs Joe Warren


Chris Weidman vs Mark Munoz


Shane Carwin vs Frank Mir


Andrey Koreshkov vs Marius Zaromskis




Rob McCullough vs Olaf Alfonso


King Mo vs Lorenz Larkin


Alex White vs Roy Babcock


Taira vs J. Lomulder

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  • Deads

    ya this is basicly the main reason why i dislike the MMA, the weak ass referees.
    When a weak referee just stands there while 1 guy is beating the crap out of another guy that is already knocked-out or not all there then i dont consider it a sport.

    Although i sometimes think that this is the exact thing that some people like about the MMA, 1 guy beating some other guy that cant defend himselves anymore.

    • Dave

      Well it is a sport whether you agree or not. This shows the anomalies of reffing. Most refs are professionals and you can find more posts on refs prematurely stopping fights. What about boxing? Having a fighter getting knocked out repeatedly during a match and being given a standing 8 count…many doctors agree that that is much more damaging to the brain than getting punched for a couple seconds after unconsciousness. You can read about it with a simple google search. It just looks like a more violent sport because they have smaller gloves and it’s a multifaceted fight with punching, kicking, submissions and wrestling. But the question remains if it’s that much more violent and damaging to the competitors.

      I agree that many people just watch MMA to see the most real violent they can. But that doesn’t mean anything. In the first video the stands are booing, probably because they know the fight should be stopped. Most people realize this and are fans for the raw competition of trained professional athletes.