This One Goes Out To All The Cigarette Smokers Out There

April 2, 2014 | 2 Comments » | Topics: main

Let me first start off by saying FUCK CIGARETTES! I know way too many people smoking and dying from it. Cigarette smoke contains a deadly mix of more than 7,000 chemicals. Hundreds are toxic and about 70 can cause cancer. Lets take a look at some of the chemicals in cigarettes…formaldehyde is used to embalm the dead, arsenic is used in pesticides, cadmium is used in car batteries and polonium 210 is radioactive and toxic.

Compare that partial list with the chemicals and compounds in Vapourlites :

Vapourlites contain no tobacco and therefore no tar, no carbon monoxide and none of the other 4000 harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke. You’re simply inhaling water vapour containing nicotine. Not only do they not contain all those harmful chemicals, Vapourlites are a cheaper alternative to buying cigarettes and they don’t leave you smelling like a damn ashtray. This means you can enjoy getting Vaopourite wherever you are without fear of secondhand smoke, fines or being labeled as a smoker after you are done.

If you’re thinking about quitting cigarettes, The Vapourlites Starter Kit is the way to go. It is available in a range of strenghts…20mg, 16mg, 11mg, 6mg and 0mg of nicotine. Meaning there is the right level for any smoker looking to switch to a vaper. Vapourlites e-cigarettes are renowned for their quality and thickness of their vapour, which gives you a realistic throat hit without burning any tobacco. The VL4T starter kit is equivalent to 40 tobacco cigarettes and comes with a USB charger. Vapourlites offers several flavours in their refill packs as well….Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla and Very Cherry. Check out the reviews here

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking cigarettes, Vapourlites is definitely the way to go.

*Important caveat

While quitting smoking altogether is the safest and healthiest thing you can do for yourself,  vaping is the next best alternative if quitting is not an option. Still there are many questions left to be answered since vaping is a fairly new practice. But there are now more promising studies that show that vaping is a much safer practice than smoking.