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Pictures Of Special Forces From Around The World

April 10, 2014 | 13 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

Huntsmen Corps : Danish Special Forces


Kampfschwimmer (Combat Swimmers) from Germany’s elite SEK-M special forces


ROC (Taiwan) Special Forces with bullet proof face masks


French Special Forces




Korean Special Forces


Dutch Special Forces


French Special Forces


Iraqi special forces


Norwegion MJK 


US Army Special Forces Sniper with Remington Modular Sniper Rifle


Peruvian Army special forces


Marinejegerkommandoen – Norwegian Navy Special Forces


Tanzanian Special Forces In Congo


Norwegian Armed Forces’ Special Command


German KSK (Army / Special Forces)


German Army Special Forces the KSK


Shayetet 13 (Israeli Special Forces)


Russian Special Forces: Spetsnaz


Austrian special forces. Jagdkommando


U.S. Special Forces

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  • cahir

    5th photo is Polish GROM not Navy Seals. But do not trust me just google this image.

    • Jakub

      How do you know is GROM, they dont have any ID. ??

      • cahir

        It was published in a book “Wojska Specjalne 2007-2012” you can’t buy it, it was published in limited quantity (400 pieces were printed) for Polish MOD. And given as a gift. I can provide you with photos of pages that contain 5th photo from this gallery.


  • Marney_5

    Where is the British SAS and the SBS? They are the pioneers of modern day special forces and the model for all special forces around the world!

    • Deads

      Aye, loads of US and German pics but non from the SAS who i think were the first real Special Forces united and who the US Special Forces were based on.

    • mike

      the sas were too good the cameras couldnt catch them.

    • vgh

      Yes i was about to say, they didnt include one of the most experienced special forces out there.. the SAS. This site just lost too much credibility!

      • bobcollum

        It’s a piece for random Special Forces from around the world, why are you so offended that one wasn’t included? It’s not a list of the best.

    • FuckSAS

      This is the biggest circle jerk I’ve ever seen.

  • ConnorBG

    Missed Swedish special forces Särskilda Skyddsgruppen which are supposed to be the best force to current date, since other forces are getting training and tips of them like the U.S Navy Seals

    • Alex_T

      lol? Never heard of them. Seals Team 6 and Delta Force trains with Norwegian MSK/HJK/SFK.
      Särskilda operationsgruppen on the otherhand is the Swedish Special Forces. They also train with MSK/HJK/SFK in operations like cold response.

  • LordStark

    What about Al Qeada’s SFs?? They train on monkey bars like real men

  • Guest 13

    A “Battle Royal” between all the special forces would be totally awesome, then we can see which force is the ultimate one.

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