Children From Around The World Photographed With Their Most Prized Possessions (30 Pics)

June 17, 2014 | 12 Comments » | Topics: Interesting







South Africa
















Costa Rica









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  • buubaa

    Okay. I understand that campaigns like these are meant to raise awareness about the conditions people live in around the world…but you are being a little bit unfair on Africa. Those images from Kenya, Malawi and Zambia show kids from what look like to be the poorest communities. While the pics from India, South Africa and The Philippines show kids from what look like affluent families. If you want to really show the truth, you should have pictures from the affluent families and the poor families in each of the countries in the gallery. Then you will really be showing the truth.

    • twerps make stupid lists

      I hate photographers who think their showcasing an intelligent project, but who actually come up with complete drivel instead

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    • Jeff Gauch

      That wouldn’t really show anything. Because fundamental human nature is constant, the extremely poor are fairly standard throughout the world. You could find a child from a situation similar to the one from Malawi anywhere in the West, including the US.

      Likewise, thanks to global trade, the rich are also rather uniform. Kids from the upper strata of society, any society, are going to get similar goods. Note the similarities in the toy cars in China, Thailand, and Latvia.

      Any country is going to have citizens who are extremely poor and extremely rich. The only differences lie in how many are in each group and how easily a person can move along the economic spectrum.

    • texasjimbo

      Actually, the saddest photo was the boy from Malawi. I don’t know what the photographer intended, but if you can see that little boy and not be moved, then there’s something wrong with you. Further, if you can look at some of the pictures showing a huge quantity of toys and wonder if there’s not something less than optimal about people giving children more toys than they’re likely to play with, well something might be wrong there too.

  • Terri Castles

    Gee, I just thought it was kind of cool to see kids from all over the world with cherished possessions.

  • zj sky

    1) the girl from India is super sassy 2) the boy from Ukraine had all toy guns which is funny / sad considering what is happening there

    • Kungfoochimp

      I bet she’s a handful!

  • Kungfoochimp

    The little girl from Zambia (sunglasses) positively glows with happiness and self-assuredness.

    Iceland boy needs a bigger room.

  • Jasper Ball-Baggins

    The kid from Thailand FTW!! Love the Sonopy shirt. The kid from South Africa…I don’t trust that kid at all. 🙂 Iceland kid looks the most like a happy, goofy kid. That Costa Rican kid could probably beat me in a fist-fight. Little dude from Malawi the best pic of the bunch with the girl from India the most creative.

    • bo ure

      My favorite is South Africa. The kid rules over his possessions.

  • brainy435

    Can’t resolve the seeming paradox of the kid from China. He’s got a lot of “American” looking toys, but they were all probably built in China, so are they then “Chinese?”