The Funniest Reaction GIFs Of 2014 Part 1

January 2, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Hall Of Fame

When the Chipotle worker gives me a HUGE scoop of chicken


When I’m pooping and the last little bit refuses to come out


When I’m politely listening to an old man at the bus station while he speaks in detail about his hemorrhoids


When I’m hungry but parents have guests over


Teaching my sister how to drive


When I tell a joke to my friend in private but he repeats it word for word to a group of people and they all laugh


Last minute studying for a tough exam


When I finally win an argument against my wife


When I finish too soon


When I see the hot blonde squatting in yoga shorts


When a girl proudly says her boyfriend doesn’t watch pron


When my wife goes to the store and leaves me with the kids for 30 minutes


When I look at my bank account after a filthy weekend of partying


Watching my parents try to use a computer


When she says she’s close


When my girlfriend is telling me about her day


Strippers’ reaction when they figure out I have no more money


When I’m approaching a red light and it turns to green before I even have to touch the brakes


Sneaking out with my friends at night and then receiving a call from my mom 30 minutes late


When the song I use for my alarm comes up randomly as iTunes shuffles


When Mom leaves me in the checkout line to “quickly” grab something else


When my GF found my pron stash


When I suddenly wake up from a dream where I was a dinosaur and married to Emily Ratajkowski.


When my student loan interest adds over $20 per day to my balance


After much time had passed and realizing that girl was totally trying to flirt with me


Me and my friend’s reaction when our soon to be wed buddy suggests a bachelor party with no alcohol


When I go to what I think is a legitimate job interview and they start talking about selling knives