The Funniest Reaction GIFs Of 2014 Part 2

January 3, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Hall Of Fame

When I’m battling diarrhea on a road trip


When my drug-head cousin, who I haven’t seen in years, asks me for money before even saying “hi”


When somebody starts talking to a girl I like


When my date starts talking about how Scientology could be really helpful for me


When I hear my name coming from people I don’t like


Listening to Notorious BIG but my gf hates rap


When I see a pretty girl on this site and then find out she is a pron star


When the interviewer is talking to me about the work experience which I lied about


My Father’s reaction when he watches me play FIFA 14


When I’m watching pron and they show the guys face at the wrong time


My Parents’ Reaction When I Get Off The Internet And Leave My Room


When the lady in front of me in the checkout lane pulls out her checkbook to pay for groceries


When she said I could finish inside her


When someone is emotional and I’m the only one around


When I bring ALL the groceries into the house with bags hanging off of each one of my fingers


When my wife locks the bedroom door and asks if the kids are asleep


When I’m am sober at a party


In high school when someone would text me Real Sex was on HBO


When the checkout clerk keeps joking that “That’s a lot of Jergens for one man.”


When there’s no lock on the bathroom stall and someone walks in


My little nephew’s reaction when he realizes it’s his bedtime and I’m trying to put him to sleep


When I overhear my lesbian friends at a party say they want to “experiment” with a guy


When I’m about to masturbate and I lock my door


When I invite friends over and all I have to eat is a huge ass bag of rice


When you’re nutting and she keeps sucking


When my girlfriends period FINALLY arrives