Reaction GIFs Beeyotch!

January 9, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: GIFs

When I listen to music I used to listen to in high school


When I grab the cereal from the cabinet and realize it’s empty because my brother is a dick


When I hear the girl behind me ask her friend what my name is


When I try to catch the soap I dropped in the shower


When my little cousin gets his first Pokemon game, and he says he is going to name his starter after me so we can always be on a team together


When I’m the first to wake up at the party


When my wife whispers to me in a public place “did you just fart?”


When I’m one of the only ones who actually BYOB to a party


When my girlfriend says she’ll be ready to go out in 15 minutes


When I find out I got a small raise


When I walk into a strip club for the first time and there are multiple stages


When I’m trying to take a massive shit quietly in a public restroom