A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos

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A homeless man’s home in Downtown, Los Angeles



Curtain from a smokers apartment, after being dunked in a bathtub 


Smoker vs Non-smoker lungs 


Lung capacity of a smoker VS non-smoker



A helmetless Daft Punk, circa 90s (Daft Punk dj’ing in the 90’s)


Inside Daft Punk’s Pyramid

daft punk pyramid

daft punk equipment

“The show revolves around Ableton Live software on custom made super-computers, which we remotely access and control with Behringer BCR2000 midi controllers.”

“Next to the ethernet remote computer screens there are four Minimoog Voyagers, the classic analog synthesizers. They’re a 30-year old design.”

“We can mix, shuffle, trigger loops, filter, distort samples, EQ in and out, transpose or destroy and deconstruct synth lines. We keep some surprises on the side too!”

“There’s a direct connection between our rig and the lights and visuals of the show. The light and video engineers can also add or control layers during the show.”

“Inside the pyramid are synthesizers and remote controls connected to the rest of the music equipment and computers, which are in rack-mounted towers off stage.”

“Working the music equipment, lighting and video equipment, and building the pyramid for each show takes around 10 people, including both of us.”

daft punk equipment

daft punk equipment

daft punk equipment


How a silencer works on a gun



Italian MEP Licia Ronzulli is known for often bringing her daughter to work with her



This driverless Mercedes is cruising around San Francisco (website)


Cartoonist Chuck Jones’ rules for Wild E. Coyote and the Roadrunner 

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