Remember Guys, ‘Multi-Level Marketing’ aka Pyrimad Schemes Comes In All Shapes And Sizes!

April 21, 2015 | 1 Comment » | Topics: TRUTH

Two things to take away from this video. 1. Motherf**kers will try to repackage a pyramid scheme in every which way. 2. Never trust a dude who readily gives away high-fives like this dude.

Required Reading:

The Economics Of Pyramid Scheme Companies
What you do is you sell your own job to other people, who in turn sell it to others, and so on. If you’re on the lowest level you usually make negative income since you have to "pay to play," but if you get enough of your friends signed up then you can start making a profit . . . from your friends giving you money (basically). The key difference there is your friends are giving you only some of the money, the rest of it goes to the "organization." Your friends can then only make money if they can hook enough of their own friends, and so on, supposedly forever, all while your income grows exponentially. Except when everyone who falls for these things gets signed up, or your friends and friends of friends have been tapped out, your income stops growing and the people at the bottom level start dropping out. To keep it up you gotta harass everyone you meet trying to interest them in your job, even offering it to the bill collectors who call to find out why you can’t pay your mortgage. The only way it’s legal is if there’s an actual product you’re selling, which varies from one MLM job to the next, but it’s always overpriced and may not be a decent product at all. Pay attention to the way the system works to identify a bad MLM job. If you have to pay anything when you’re hired, it’s bad. If you can’t earn money at the lowest level, it’s bad. If the product they want you to sell is bad, it’s bad.
A good rule to live by is only work for companies willing to take a risk hiring you.