The Reaction GIFs Have Entered The Building!

May 15, 2015 | 1 Comment » | Topics: GIFs

On a conference call, a colleague says we need to see more growth and I say “I’ll give you some growth” but I dont have the phone on mute like I thought I did


When I see a hot girl at a restaurant


When I am high as fuck and I lose the people I was with


When I’m the only sober one at a dance party


When my 8-year-old nephew and I are playing Lego Star Wars and he says, “You can’t call the Clone Troopers ‘Stormtroopers’ until Palpatine executes Order 66.”


Five hours into a game of Risk, and my friends all refuse to make alliances


When a guy on Craigslist is asking $6500 for a 1990 Honda Accord with 300,000 miles on it


When the girl i’m flirting with says “My ex is now my best friend, we still shower together sometimes ahah”


When a girl tells me not to come yet but it’s too late


My little brother’s reaction when, after 2 hours of asking our dad “why” questions, our dad finally snaps and yells “I don’t know ok?!”


When a fart isn’t just a fart


When I’m at a party and someone breaks out the N64 and challenges me to Super Smash Bros


When someone at work asks me to show them how to do something


When I listen to music I used to listen to in high school


CNN’s off camera reaction when there is a tragedy with a body-count


When my wife said she ate my leftover Chipotle