10 McDonald’s Food Hacks That Will Change Your Damn Life!

July 30, 2015 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Food

mcdonalds hacks


Order a Double Cheeseburger and  a McChicken Sandwich  and stick that McChicken right in the middle!


mcdonalds hacks

Land, Air and Sea Burger

Order a Big Mac, a McChicken and a Filet-O-Fish burge, disregard as many buns as you like leaving the ever important top and bottom ones of course and enjoy


mcdonalds hacks

Monster Mac

Simply request 8 (or any number) of Beef Patties & Cheese in your Big Mac! 


mcdonalds hacks

Poor Man’s Big Mac

Order a McDouble but hold the pickles and ketchup, opt for Big Mac sauce, lettuces and extra onions instead.


mcdonalds hacks

Big McChicken

A big mac, with chicken patties instead of bread. That’s right. NO bread. Just 3 chicken patties and 2 beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese of course.


mcdonalds hacks

The McCrepe

Order some hotcakes, and a yogurt parfait. Scoop the fruit on top of the hotcake along with granola and you have yourself a crepe, McDonald’s style!


mcdonalds hacks

The Mc10:35

It’s only available during that very special time of day when you can order both breakfast and regular menu items at McDonald’s. Usually 10:35 or 11:05 depending on the day and restaurant. Order a McDouble and a regular egg McMuffin. Omit bread from the McDouble and stick those patties and cheese right into the McMuffin.


mcdonalds hacks

The Pie McFlurry

In addition to sweet and satisfying McFlurry, order a pie and have it blended into your McFlurry. Make sure to get a piping hot fresh one if you can. The mix of hot and cold will blow away your senses.


mcdonalds hacks

Root Beer Float

Just order a root beer beverage and have some vanilla soft serve added in.


mcdonalds hacks

McIce Cream Sandwich

McDonald’s has chocolate chip cookies and soft serve. Order both and make yourself an ice cream sandwich.

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  • Tingle

    The Mcgangbang sounds like something you would really enjoy. 😉