A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos

September 7, 2015 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Interesting

This Is How Disney Knows You Won’t Get Dismembered On A Roller Coaster

We have a thing called the “Envelope of Protection.” Basically, all attractions made since 1965 are designed in such a way that the human body cannot reach out and touch anything — here’s a vehicle they use to test this (that’s from Walt Disney World in Florida, but California uses the same concepts). This means that when a rollercoaster is going 45 MPH, you can have your hands out and you won’t get hit (it’s not a good idea to test that, however — we do tell you to keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times). 


Odds of making it in the NFL 


A picture of the world’s blackest material which absorbs all but.035% of light


Here’s why you should never shine a black light on a used anime character figure
( story)


Cool way to stop people littering cigarette butts 


Minnesota is using Dramatic Look Gopher to distract kickers. It’s working too. (TCU missed last 2 field goals)


 Austrian people are lining up waiting for Syrian refugees 


Awesome reminder of what this person has been through, and the hope they have for the future.


Lifespan of animals 


The arsenal of the Russian Internal Ministry (MVD) spetsnaz unit “Rosich”.


Rifle with remote trigger and periscope for use in trenches during World War I


Pangea with modern borders 


El Chapo’s Son Revealed His Fugitive Dad’s Location on Twitter (story)