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Why is it that I find my reflection somewhat attractive but dislike how I look in most photographs/videos?

Your face is mirrored. You are accustomed to looking at your face in the mirror and have grown to like that look on the account of you seeing it every day when you look into anything reflective. But as soon as you look at your face in a photograph (which is how you really looks) your brain notices that something is wrong and you don’t like it as much. You like your face mirrored; you don’t like it as much when you suddenly see it right way around.




What’s so great about a Swiss bank account?

The main selling point is banking secrecy. The Swiss Banking Act of 1934 made it practically impossible for anyone you didn’t authorize to get your banking information. Including random people, foreign governments, tax collectors and Swiss authorities. So you could stash as much money as you wanted and nobody would be able to ask questions. That being said this secrecy has been eroded in recent years, Singapore seems to be the place to store ill gotten gains now.



What’s the deal with these CEOs raising prices on generic drugs? If they’re generic, can’t another manufacturer produce them for much cheaper?

Generic companies only have an advantage if the brand name drug is expensive and has a big number of users. Then they can swoop in at a lower price and take away some of those users.

The drugs currently in the news are already cheap and have a small number of users. The conditions they treat are rare. Therefore, no company has wanted to compete with them.

A company might be interested now that the price is $700+, but they have to invest time and money into building production lines and gaining FDA approval. And it’s not like they can come in at $500 – they already know the brand name company can sell for $10 if it wanted to.

So they have to decide if it’s worth making a generic that isn’t very profitable.

According to Bloomberg , Daraprim has only about 2000 American users. It cost about $1 most of its life, rose to $13.50 in 2010, and recently jumped to $750. That big jump is what’s causing the recent interest. The CEO says he’ll use the additional profit to invest in more effective treatment research. Daraprim also uses a strict distribution, making it hard for competing companies to get samples of it and complete FDA approval.


 What exactly is Planned Parenthood? 

Planned Parenthood is a health clinic. They operate on a sliding scale, meaning the less you make income-wise, the less you have to pay. They offer a wide variety of services for women (and men!) for sometimes free, depending on your needs.

They do perform abortions. They are generally the first place a woman in the United States will think of when they have an unplanned pregnancy. Planned Parenthood is generally under fire by pro-life groups because of this, and a lot of smear and slander campaigns, videos, websites and “facts” have cropped up about what “really goes on” at a Planned Parenthood.

Fetal tissue is sold. By Planned Parenthood, by hospitals, by women’s health clinics, by any place that will perform an abortion. Fetal tissue is vital in designing medical treatments and advancing medical science because fetal tissue is basically an instruction manual for humans. Stem Cells are incredible cells that can be “programmed” to be turned into any kind of cell that’s needed. Need to repair a liver? Stem Cells can do that. What about a brain? Stem Cells.***

Planned Parenthood has sold fetal tissue, and the issues you’re probably hearing about is fetal tissue being soldllegally. Planned Parenthood will not perform an abortion, pack up the aborted remains and sell it off. If the woman (or family) decides to DONATE fetal tissue, that is the tissue that is being sold.

Babies are not being harvested for body parts or organs.

“Fully formed” really depends on how you take the meaning. In the United States, the absolute latest you can get an abortion is at 24 weeks. It’s also relevant to note that most abortions are done much, much earlier. A 24 week pregnancy is very rare, usually only with medical complications or a health risk to the mother. According to the CDC, 89-92% of abortions are performed before the 13th week.

So, the meaning of “Fully formed” is a bit skewed. Fully formed enough to resemble a human baby? Or fully formed enough to be considered a viable child? Regardless of the answer, nobody wants to endure an abortion. Nobody. It is never an easy decision for anyone and it can be an incredibly emotional response. Babies are not being harvested for their body parts, but body parts that are donated are being sold to advance medical science.

Only 3% of services performed at Planned Parenthood worldwide is abortive. Typically, Planned Parenthood gives women wellness exams (Pelvic exams, pap smears, screenings, etc) and administering birth control(s). They are also large providers of STD testing and aftercare.



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Why do people have such a strong urge to take a nap when you have a full stomach?

Basically, your nervous system has two ‘modes’ – Sympathetic, which gives a ‘fight or flight’ response, and Parasympathetic, which tells your body to ‘rest and digest’. When you eat a ton of food, it triggers your parasympathetic nervous system, so your body focuses more on digesting your food than activity. Eating a lot of food also causes your pancreas to make insulin, which in turn causes your brain to produce certain neurotransmitters (serotonin and melatonin to be precise) which make you drowsy.



What is the actual use for rohypnol and why/how did it become the common ‘date-rape’ drug?

Rohypnol, pharmaceutical name flunitrazepam, belongs to the benzodiazepine family of drugs. You may be more familiar with two others in the family: xanax or ativan.

Its intended use is as a sleep aid, although it is sometimes used as an anti-convulsant or muscle relaxant.

It became “the date rape drug” because simply, its perfect for that.

It heavily sedate users, relaxes muscles making it harder to move, and can cause anterograde amnesia. That is, it temporarily restricts the ability to create new memories, which is useful to the type of person who would use it on a victim.



What is the science behind Children who’s parents are closely related end up being born with birth defects?

In order for recessive traits to be expressed (to show up), you need to have two of them; otherwise the dominant trait will be expressed. when parents are closely related, they are more likely to have the same recessive traits, increasing the likelihood that their offspring will inherit two of them. since defects are often recessive, they tend to appear more frequently in the offspring of closely related parents.

– EyeTea420 


What happens when you get deported?

Before you are deported, you are in Immigration court. If you are ordered deported, you have 3 technical options.

  1. You can voluntarily leave on your own terms by a certain date. You do this on your own schedule and expense. The advantage of this is that you do not get a Order of Removal on your immigration record (makes it easier to get back).

  2. Sometimes you can’t voluntarily leave (lack of money), so the government schedules a date and flight for you to leave. You are taken to immigration jail so that you can’t run away, and when the date comes, you get on the flight and go back to where you came from. This puts a order of removal on your record, and makes it incredibly hard to get back into the US.

  3. This option isn’t recommended, but you can become a fugitive. This is highly illegal, and you will be put on a wanted list, found, charged, jailed, and then sent back to where you came from, where you may face even more charges.

There are ways to not get deported after you have been given orders, such as you being able to get citizenship, finding a work permit, etc. Also, the date can be pushed back if you are not fit to travel (sick).

All of this is for the US, I’m not to sure about other countries.



How much exactly does Google know about me and should I be afraid?

Funnily enough, google must adhere to eu rules and allow you to download all info they have on you. and they do just that.


you can also turn off all the spying/marketing features for google if you wish, this stuff is really transparent:


you can also turn off your history on youtube that will pretty much shit you adds and recommendations.

personally i have every single thing google allows me to to turn off, turned off.

turning everything off, requires a tiny bit of googling, google is really transparent with these, things are not hidden, the settings are not hidden.

you can even opt out of the cookie they provide.

seems every single thing google tracks can be turned off, not hidden in any menus, but sometimes you need to know what to look for.



Why is Japan’s population is in such decline and no one wants to reproduce children 

When you give people a choice between having nice things and a lot of freedom and independence, or having children, it turns out that the women chose the nice things and the independence.

Japan has a culture where women, once married, are expected to give up careers and focus on family, and that includes focusing on the parents of their husband, and their own parents if they are an only child or there is no son in their family. The pressure to conform is intense.

All across the OECD (the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, a club for rich countries), birth rates for “natives” and 3rd+ generation immigrants are just at or often below the replacement rate. If it wasn’t for net immigration in from places with higher birthrates (Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central & South America) most OECD nations would look like Japan in terms of population graphs.

The Japanese people are xenophobic. They don’t want foreigners to become permanent residents and the older people are the more xenophobic they are. Laws on long term residency and becoming naturalized Japanese citizens are very strict. So they are not going to do what the other OECD nations are doing and increase the inflow of immigrants to offset declining “native” birthrates.

One could speculate that the hypersexualized, extremely abusive cultural aspects of Japan (where rape fantasies, lolita fantasies and abuse fantasies are “mainstream” content consumed by millions of men) doesn’t do much to incentivize women to be interested in sex either. If the men are programmed to find fetishistic behavior degrading to women “sexy” and I were a woman, I would likely find most of my potential mates interests in the bedroom quite distasteful.

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