A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos

November 16, 2015 | 6 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

Holly Holm lands headkicks on Ronda Rousey, photo taken by Esther Lin (video)


Eagles Of Death Metal Bataclan Concert, BEFORE the Attack Photob by Manuwino


When Paris turned out its lights, the rest of the world turned them on.


A Lotus C-01 (designed by the same guy as the Tron light cycle)


All Natty Bro!


Redwoods trees are massive!


Flight deck of the space shuttle Endeavor 


Han Solo – Then and Now


The Blood Vessels Of The Human Body 


Former forest ranger wanted to see the outdoors one more time, so the firefighters wheeled him through the forest


Top hat worn by Abraham Lincoln the night he was shot


Christie Brinkley Found the Fountain Of Youth…She is 61 Years Old!


Robert Downey Jr. Dressed Like a Tiger to Invite a 7-Year-Old Cystic Fibrosis Patient to the Captain America: Civil WarPremiere


The puppeteers who brought Jabba the Hutt to life in ROTJ and two diagrams of how they did it


“Full Metal Jacket” poster showing all the main characters getting their boot camp buzz cut


A casting mold for a wind turbine blade




Daughter 18, Mother 36 


Can you name all the famous musicians in this photo?