What Is The Greatest Video Game You Have Ever Played?

December 11, 2015 | 36 Comments » | Topics: Submits

For me, it would have to be Grand Theft Auto 3. Sure, there are GTA’s that have come out with better graphics, more cars, and weapons, but GTA 3 was a total game changer. Never before were you afforded that much freedom to fuck shit up! What other game at the time let you pick up a hooker, have sex with her, and then rob her to get your money back??? Countless hours spent on that game and not a single regret!

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  • Froman

    Chrono Trigger, hands down

    • BigBadBootyMacDaddy

      And as many times as I have beaten Chrono Trigger, I have never once grown tired of it. It is a brilliant story with excellent replay value

    • Bahamut

      Hell yes! The story, damn near all characters are unique and make you like them in their own way, stories for each character so no one feels worthless, the soundtrack, the combat system which can’t be topped, the graphics, and the replayabilty make this my favorite game of all time.

  • Metal Gear Solid 3…The battle with The Boss at the end is amazing.

    • ROAR! meow

      For me that was the best of the series so far. Love that you had to hunt for food, lookout for the keraton frog, patch yourself up with stitches & bandages, and learn to use the environment to your advantage. Love The Boss battle but The End battle was perfection.

  • Matt

    Diablo 2 – so many hours of playing, so many ways of building a character and a perfect theme and atmosphere.

  • Acidwir

    Kingdom Hearts II took KH1, which was already stupidly brilliant, and made it even fucking better. KH2 was easily the first game I ever got addicted to, so many hours spent sitting in front of the PS2 and after all those playthroughs it’s still fun as hell today.

    So stoked for Kingdom Hearts III

  • StreakFreak

    Assasins Creed 2. The opening sequence where you climb the church with your brother and the opening title shows up with that music…. blew me away. The music, gameplay, cities, were all amazing. Just a fantastic experience start to finish. I only wish you could replay missions.

  • CroCrop

    FF7. I still think about that game over a decade later

    • Lucas Jackson

      FF7… that was my favorite time I got the flu. I played 38 game hours in 48 real time hours.

    • HairyHenderson

      I’m not ashamed to say I cried when you know who was killed when I first played that game. Hell that game was the only reason I bought a playstation.

  • Lucas Jackson

    River city ransom. That is my favorite best game because I played it when I was seven years old. I didn’t know about life then and challenges it would make me deal with. It was 2 player and my first best friend and I spent Saturday afternoon just playing it over and over and you got to beat the shit out of enemies with punches,kicks, chains, trash cans, spare tires, and there was a diner you could eat at and a menu option was a smile… it was free. If you played N.E.S. but never played River city ransom, get the Rom. It’s my favorite because it was my Saturday morning ritual that never ended without smiling..

  • KlingonFetish

    Minecraft. A game like that doesn’t happen very often.

  • Louie

    Mario Kart 64… Not cause its an awesome game, but because ive never seen a game cause so many fights and pissed off people in one room! Many nights were drunk college kids throwing fists over a red turtle shell at the finish line!!!!

  • Me

    Socom 2 for sure! It created online multi player! The community was awesome! Thank goodness ISPs didn’t have caps at the time! We have 10k begging for it to be brought back right now! Unfortunately Yosp dosent understand what this community truly was!

  • Kenny

    Bioahock Infinite was just amazing! The story line and the twist at the end was just a mind fuck

  • unknown

    The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (N64)

  • evan myint

    Chrono Trigger……..Diablo 2……..Earthbound. Hard to pick a favorite as ive wasted man hours on all 3.

  • Samuel Freeman

    Tecmo bowl. Need anymore proof?

    • Bo Fucking Jackson!


    • papppie

      No freaking doubt. If I had invested the number of hours I spent playing that game into studying or something like that, I’d have a double PhD. Lawrence Taylor in ‘Excellent’ condition was unstoppable

  • Tingle

    Super Metroid.

  • LibzsiBaho

    fucked wow…..more than 10 years from my life :). omg!

  • Captain_Sensible50

    Any game that convinces me to set my alarm clock early so I can log into the game and complete a timed quest is disturbingly good.

  • Septic Stew

    Galaxian – on an arcade video machine.

  • The Gorbachev Red Spot

    Heroes of Might and Magic 3! 4,5, and 6 never captured the same feel. They even remade the game a year ago in HD to the delight of fans…

  • ChuckyChucksteak

    Goldeneye. all day.

  • Fenom

    Shadow of the Colossu…quite literally one of the best games ever made. It felt like the PS2 had evolved into a PS3, and unleashed all of it’s savory potential in one magical unforgettable experience.

  • CharcoalCity

    Red Dead Redemption. It was the only game that, when I “finished” it, made me sigh the same way I sigh when I finish a great book. That game had soul

  • Dean Douglas

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. THE best twist i’ve ever experienced in any movie, tv show, really any type of entertainment media

  • Shockwave

    So tough…greatest game I’ve ever played?

    Final Fantasy 6. By the time you got to the World of Ruin, you wanted everyone back on your team, fully powered up and that bastard ANNIHILATED. Nothing has moved me as much since (not even FF7).

  • Antho

    Team Buddies! Had some much fun with my friends playing that game! Either that or Nox…

  • Zer0FiveSeven

    As a fan of the Fallout series, I would have said Fallot 2 or Fallout 4, but being reminded of just how mind blowing GTA3 was, and how much I had anticipated it, I have to agree. My friends and I played that for hours without caring for one second whether or notwe were accomplishing anything. In a way I even miss how small the map was because of how familiar we could get with the streets and back alleys.

  • Caleb Hansen

    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Freakin love the heck out of that game.

  • Kelly Tirrell

    Fallout 3. Never before played a game that made a nuclear apocalypse so interesting. There was a beauty in the ruin and destruction.

  • Mark

    Dr Mario