15 Glorious Clips For Your Consideration

December 15, 2015 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Clips

Here comes the booom!



When you want to get a closer look 

Teacher who survived polar bear mauling at zoo ‘was depressed over job’



Aikido master shows students the ultimate blade defense 


Steven Seagal Akido Exhibition…Do You Guys Think Akido Is Legit?



The difference between men and women



Humanity in a nutshell 



Giraffic park 



She saw her chance & she took it



He saw his chance, took it and got deeeeeenied!



Olive Harvester



Worst Half-Court Shot Ever



Dogs need love too…



Loading an AK-47 magazine quickly 



Entertaining an orangutan



Female Rugby Player vs Male Football Player



Taekwondo wood breaking



Christina Fucking Hendricks!


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  • ROAR! meow

    Yes, Akido is legit. I’ve taken a few years of it and can tell you without a doubt what you see there is a guy who is going with force of motion applied to the joints by a master. If he doesn’t, his wrist, elbow or shoulder would snap back very easily. I was was once flipped head over heals ( Juji Nage) by my master who was half my size and weight.


    • jaczor

      I can guarantee you that a man with minimal mma training could put any aikido master in trouble if they actually tried to go after them, all I see in that video is other aikido practitioners going through the motions of what they do at their dojo every day, they are almost doing the next movement before Seagal does it.

      Anyone can take on many attackers at the same time if they are cooperating with you.

  • MunDane68

    Yeah, I once watched a master of Lua (or Lu’a), the Hawaiian Bone Breaking MA give a demo. Two finger pinching at a myriad of places, boatloads of pain. Guy was wearing university of Hawaii tracksuit too, instead of a gi, was almost comical. It is all about leverage, precision and lack of rules except survival.

    MMA has attained cult status really for the “put X in a ring with an MMA fighter” stuff. MMA has rules as to what you can and cannot do. Remove the rules (including time), you have a superbly trained athlete on each side who is going to recognize getting tangled up with that other guy might get him hurt. They would both engage in a long stare down and wait for the other to make a mistake.