21 Workspaces Where Famous Folks Get Stuff Done

December 16, 2015 | 3 Comments » | Topics: main

Steve Jobs


Mark Parker (Nike CEO)


Donald Trump


Martin Luther King Jr


Bill Clinton




Marc Ecko


Rainn Wilson


Paul Allen


Charles Dickens


Mark Zuckerberg


Jon Stewart


Mark Twain


L.A. Reid


Steve Ballmer


Karl Lagerfeld


Warren Buffet


Leo Tolstoy


Matthew Weiner (Mad Men)


Bill Gates


Albert Einstein

Famous Workspaces

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  • steve

    These awesome posts, workspaces and especially studios of any type (preferably music). Keep ’em coming.

  • Fred

    Damn, Steve Ballmers office is tiny!

  • TJ16

    That’s a helluva bong on Donald Trump’s desk