Has Anyone See The New Star Wars Yet? How Was It???

December 18, 2015 | 13 Comments » | Topics: main

I’m thinking about playing hooky to watch the new Star Wars. Anyone seen it yet? How was it? How does it rank amongst the other Star Wars??? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

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  • LeoDaddy

    It was very good! It blends old and new together in a way the prequel Trilogy really failed to do. It doesn’t make the mistake of copying everything awesome about the original trilogy, but it respects and honors it. It makes its own original story, and it really is quite a great story.

  • AceInTheHole

    I went into this film not expecting much. But boy was I surprised. After the disappointment of the prequels, I am so glad the Star Wars is Back. The characters were fleshed out perfectly, the music was as nostalgic as ever and the comedy actually worked.

  • Dan

    It’s good. I won’t give any spoilers but it definitely redeems the dumpster fire that was the first three movies in the saga. I’d rank it behind Empire and the original. No movie will be able to live up to the nostalgia train that are those original films but this was a great nod to the past with a forward look into the next two movies. Overall, good stuff.

  • SublimeFan

    The Force Awakens have exceeded my expectations by far. Is not only a beautiful story full of love for your old characters, but also a new story with lots still to unravel. Star Wars die hards won’t be disappointed.

  • LateOnsetDementia

    This movie is absolutely “Amazing” and I don’t think anyone could have done any better with it. If your nit picking little things you should really re-think your entire view. This was probably one of the hardest movies ever to remake and JJ Abrams did an awesome job. He had a lot to live up to, and a lot to follow up to.. and he did it!!

  • Joe Murray

    It’s very good. Probably would rank it as the 3rd best after Empire and Jedi.

  • David Hewett

    It was worth the wait to say the least! I know they had to do the nostalgia thing to help sell the first movie and it was done pretty well for the most part but I hope future movies get off that track and start blazing a new trail of their own. J.J did a fantastic job with this movie and anyone who thought that Disney was going to muck up Star wars any worse than Ole jar-jar George did, happy to disappoint..LOL Now if I want to be hard on the movie I will just say it seemed they tried a lil too much here and there to reach for a laugh sometimes I felt and in my own personal opinion it was 99.999% predictable which was really the only thing that did kinda sadden me about the movie if anything. Would have been utterly fantastic to be blindsided by something or have a nifty plot twist or 2 but no….I went and seen the movie with my kid the night be4 opening night 🙂 and am going again today to take the wife for her B-day 🙂 To close, I think the next movie will be even better now that the table has been set so to speak and the pressure is off.

  • Tingle

    Haven’t seen it yet.

  • GunsOfNavarone

    It’s very good, but very familiar, almost too familiar to A New Hope in some respect. But definitely up there among the best.

    • Bob Frapples

      I got the same feeling. It seemed to me that they took the whole “A New Hope” scenario and updated it.

      • GunsOfNavarone

        Definitely, still enjoyable but not as original as I’d hoped. It reminds me of how Predators tried to mimic Predator when it came out (and failed).

  • mrpappageorgio1 .

    As a 36 year old guy who grew up on the originals, I really liked this movie. Didn’t love it. Maybe I will with additional screenings. Without giving anything away, I was disappointed with the main antagonist character. He didn’t in any way resemble his lineage, and by the end of the movie was not at all imposing. More like a whiny angst ridden emo teenager. Overall the feel and tone was like the originals to an extent but blazes it’s own trail in that area. I look forward to the backstories on some of these new characters and how all the stuff in this film came about. Overall grade: B+

  • Squish78

    Ranking it is stupid. Its like the originals. Fucking BOSS.