12 Egregiously Late Stoppages In MMA

December 30, 2015 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Sports

As much as I hate an early stoppage in MMA, a late stoppage is almost criminal. The refs job is to protect the fighters when they cannot intelligently defend themselves anymore and its a crying shame when a fighter is left at the whim of a ref’s incompetence. Here’s a look 12 of the most outrageous late-stoppages in mma history

Props to him for looking at the ref for a stoppage rather than just continuing to beat the guys head off



Mark Muonz vs Chris Weidman



This massacre went on for an additonal round!




Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Shinya Aoki…Passion of the Christ: Japan Edition



This ref missed the tap 0:22 seconds!



 Dude is getting his face smashed in and the Ref is planning his next fucking meal.



Ref had to make sure he was sufficiently dead



Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin…this is hard to watch



I think when the opponent runs away, he clealy wants no part of the fight anymore ref!



Kim Winslow at it again…15 punches too late



Stupid ref sees the guy’s legs twitching as if he’s planking on a surfboard, his face drooling and eyes rolling behind his head and just stays there. If his corner didn’t throw in the towel that dude would be a veg or dead



Fucking unreal! I don’t understand how you can see someone lying there basically motionless and tell the other guy to keep on hitting him. Then, when he refuses and the round is over, you just tell the guy unconscious to get up, stand up.


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