Everything You Wanted To Know About The Pimp Game

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What’s It Like To Be A Pimp

I remember when I heard pimpin ain’t easy for the first time, long before I ever turned my first bitch out I thought it was a joke. I thought pimpin ain’t easy was like “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse”. I thought it was an over exaggeration, like yeah, pimpin ain’t easy cause you gotta count all that money boo-hooo right? Well after being a pimp for a while I can certainly attest to the fact that pimpin ain’t easy and it’s no joke.

Being a pimp is not hard, and I don’t mean to over exaggerate in any way cause I sure as hell don’t mean to make it sound like working a dead end 9-5 or even compare to being a CEO of a major company. The saying was never pimpin is hard, pimps just say pimpin ain’t easy because the general conception is that pimping takes no work or effort at all. A true pimp will make it look easy, but it’s far from being easy.

If you ain’t a pimp and you’re just reading this out of interest, then think about it like this… if you’ve ever had a wife or a girlfriend who needs to talk, feel wanted, feel comforted, feel safe, feel secure, feel like she knows you love her, feel like her future holds better things, feel like she’s the center of the fucking universe and if not, she’s bitchin and nagging at you. Then just imagine the same situation but your wife is a bitch who’s fucking 5-10 tricks a day, she was sexually abused as a child, she’s got a handfull of addictions going from caffeine and nicotine to prescription drugs to straight up cocaine and heroine problems. Now on top of your bitch being that fucked up you’ve also got 5-10 of them to deal with on a daily basis 24/7.

Like I said, it ain’t like being a pimp is working in a factory and hard labor, but being a pimp is mentally tiring and you gotta be smart and stay on your toes at all times. You can never kick your feet up, have a weak moment, confide in any one or show any weakness at all. At all times you need to be 100% in control and in check of not only yourself, but all your bitches as well.

Pimping Is Morally Wrong

So what does it take to be a pimp? I’m going to break it down for you. First and foremost you can’t be a good person. A pimp is not a good person. You can be nice, you can be friendly, you can be a lot of things, but being a good person is completely out of the question. A good person doesn’t pray on women who had a fucked up past. A good person doesn’t steer a bitch into fucking 5-10 tricks a day. Never fool yourself and think that there’s some bitches who just love to fuck, no bitch in this world loves to fuck for money. They’re not doing it for the money, they’re doing it for you. You need to be able to understand there’s a lot of bad karma that comes out of pimping and you gotta be able to look karma in the face and tell it go fuck itself.

Pimping Is Lonely

Pimpin is also hard because it’s a lonely job. I don’t mean to sound like a bitch or anything, I’m a very confident person who doesn’t need to seek approval of others in order to feel complete. But when you got like 10 different bitches and you’re constantly their rock, the dude they look to when shit gets tough, their sense of security in the world, you’re constantly listening to people open up about their feelings and it’s always a one way conversation. You never talk about yourself, unless it’s a bullshit story that somehow makes you look better to your bitches. You can never lose control of the situation, you always have to be on your game. To some people this is easy, to others it becomes difficult and in a moment of weakness or a moment of wackness they open up and tell their bitch something stupid that ends up biting them in the ass in the future.

Pimps Are Players

Like a judge was a lawyer, the natural progression of elite players is to become a pimp. But deep down in your heart you have to be a player first. You have to know how to play women so well that it’s easy and boring to you. You have to know how to manipulate women, you have to know how to sense what their needs and desires are, you have to find their needs and fill them. If you don’t know how to manipulate a woman, you can learn. But if you don’t know how to find out what their needs are naturally, you’re going to have a lot of trouble being a pimp. If you’re talking to a bitch for the first time and you have no clue whether she’s down to kick it on the weekend, check out a movie etc or if she’s trying to come up with an excuse in her head to get rid of you, then you’re probably not going to be a very good pimp. You have to have natural game and know what women are thinking. You might be able to learn this, but every pimp I ever met worth his salt was a natural.

Pimp Swagger

Part of being a player is being on your game 24/7, a player doesn’t go to the corner store looking like a broke ass homeless dude and neither does a pimp. A pimp is fresh and clean and exuding confidence at every step of his day. If you find it natural to always be looking fresh, then this will be easier for you. But if you’re someone who likes to dress up to go the club but don’t mind looking wack when you’re hanging around the house, you’re gonna have to change. When I was pimping I would go to the spa every single day, 7 days a week. I got a hair cut every 2-3 days, never let my hair grow out and look even a week old. Staying fresh isn’t just about filling the stereo type, there’s an important reason behind it that I will fully get into but the bottom line is you need to first and foremost it is required.

How Pimps Turn Bitches Out

This is the question everyone asks the most. When ever anyone wants to know how to be a pimp. They ask me how do you turn a bitch out? How do pimps convince women to do what they do? They assume that I either gotta beat them up or I am just turning strippers into prostitutes. However, if I wanted to, I could turn your mother out. I remember talking to a guy who was marketing, and he said he was so good at marketing that he could change the way people think about shit. With the right budget, enough time and a properly thought out plan he could convince say a group of 100 people to think that shit was good, or shit smells good. I am not talking about shit being material goods, I am talking about human shit, the stuff that comes out of your asshole. What he went on to say is it might just take too long, or it might take too much money or maybe there’s no one willing to pay him enough to do it. However he felt he could market anything to any one.

That’s how I feel about your mom. I don’t care who she is, I could turn her out. The only question is how long would it take, how much would I have to invest and would it even be worth it? The answer in most cases is that it’s not worth it. Most women are not worth turning out because it would take too long and cost too much (time and money) for the return you’re going to get. A true pimp knows how to identify bitches based on the return on investment. I could spend the next 2 months turning this bitch out and I know she’d be solid and would make me a lot of money. That other bitch over there is fine as fuck but it could take me a year, two years to break her down and at that point she might not even be a good bitch. So I pass on the second one and focus on getting 5 of the first one. Obviously I meant no offense by using your mom as the example, the point isn’t the character of your mother – I don’t even know her – the point is any woman can be pimped.

Where Pimps Meet Bitches

Meeting bitches is one of the most important things and if you’re already a player, you should know how to meet women and approach them. But when you’re a pimp, as fifty said, you’re not hollerin cause u want some head, you’re hollerin cause u want some bread. It’s a big difference and you have to fine tune your skills into knowing where you’re most likely to meet bitches that you can turn out who will make you money. You’re not trying to just fuck these bitches, you want them to make you money. You’re going to need your player instincts, but now you’re going to need to elevate them to a level where your mind is working with your dick. See, when you’re a player you can just run around hollerin at any bitch you want tryin to get some, but when you’re a pimp your time is much more valuable. You gotta know how to wisely spend your time, and when to recognize situations where you can turn bitches out easily.

Pimps Get Bitches To Fall In Love

This is a big difference between being a player and being a pimp. I remember my best friend from when we were kids was a player, by the time we were 21 he had already fucked over 100 bitches. But he had never once had a relationship that lasted more than 2 weeks. The second bitches would get to know him, they’d go running. Now there was nothing glaring wrong with this guy, I considered him a good friend and we got along great so I’m not talking about a psycho path or something. He was tall, handsome and knew when to say something and when to shut up, and he knew how to turn a kiss on the dance floor into fucking in the backseat of his car. What he didn’t know how to do was to get inside a bitches heart, they’d fuck him, then they’d see something in him and move on. Being a player and 21 years old, it wasn’t really the end of the world for him. But if you want to be a pimp, you gotta be able to have that pick up game but more importantly, once you got a bitch, you gotta get that bitch to love you and quick. You gotta get inside her heart and inside her mind and feel like the two of you have made a soul mate connection. I’ve done this hundreds of times and for me, and for most pimps, it’s easy.

How Pimps Train Bitches

Once you’ve got that bitches attention and you can tell she’s falling in love with you, it’s time to turn that bitch into a hoe that makes you money. Now you can lose some bitches at this point, pick them up, get them to fall in love with you and then when you try and turn them out they clam up like a turtle in it’s shell and you lose em. That will happen to any pimp, although less frequent as you become more experienced. However most bitches once you’ve got them this far, turning them out becomes easy. There’s a whole technique about it and everything completely relies on how you let the situation present itself to the bitch. If you do it without tact, she’s gonna go running. If you try and physically intimidate a bitch into turning tricks for you, you’re game is wack. But if you can let a bitch know what the situation is, and have her enthusiastic to go out and turn tricks and bring you your money, now you’re a legit pimp. There’s no better feeling in the world for me then turning a bitch into a hoe. It’s a special feeling that very few ever get to experience. The satisfaction comes from knowing that if you walked up to her the first time you met her and told her what your plan was, she’d run the other way. But through some sweet talkin and careful planning and execution, this bitch is about to go fuck dudes for money and bring it to you. It’s a great feeling.

How Pimps Get Bitches To Turn Tricks

Getting a bitches attention, then her ear, then her heart is a job in itself, but putting that bitch to work is a whole other story. Now a days there’s the internet and so you might not be grimey enough to put your bitch on track (the street) so you might have her working online as an escort. If that’s the case it’s still a lot of work to get your bitch making you money. If you got your bitch working track, you gotta a whole new set of responsibilities to make sure shit goes smoothly. The main thing about putting a bitch you just turned out to work is breaking her down mentally. Making sure she understands she no longer owns a pussy, or an ass, or titties or a body or even a mind at this point. You own that ass and she belongs to you. You need to make sure that principle is set from the very beginning and you keep that up. If you don’t got your shit together and you got a bitch who’s willing to put in work but you ain’t got no work for her, you’re going to run into problems. So you need to have your pimp game figured out before you get to this point with a bitch. There’s no “we’re leaning together” you were born a pimp and have done this a million times, there was no first time for you.

If you can follow all of the steps of meeting bitches, getting the bitch to love you, makin that bitch a hoe and then putting that bitch to work you’re now well onto your way of becoming a very successful pimp. You still got a long ways to go though, that’s not the end of the road. There’s never a time when a pimp can throw up his feet on the desk and consider his job done. You now got a bitch who’s working for you and you need to make sure that bitch stays in line.

How Pimps Keep Bitches In Check

Bitches will always – ALWAYS – get out of line. There’s not a single bitch in the world who you give them a set of rules and they will do everything on that list to perfection. If a perfect bitch slightly fucks up, you don’t need to get into her face about it because she been a good bitch and don’t deserve that but if you let it go unnoticed, SHE will notice it. You give a bitch an inch and she will take a foot. If you let it go unnoticed once, next time she will do it again and push a little further. That’s how a pimp’s empire can crumble. They always say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it also didn’t crumble in a day. The decay of rome started long before the empire fell. If you start letting shit slide cause you’re mentally lazy or not paying attention, the cracks in your foundation will eventually bring your entire house down.

Pimp With Your Mind Not Your Fists

Everyone always thinks a pimp keeps a bitch in check using a backhand. There are times when you’re going to need to smack a bitch or choke a bitch if she gets out of line. Some bitches need to be physically dominated in order to submit to her pimp, and if so – so be it, you gotta do what you gotta do. But you can not be a pimp by simply getting angry every time and smacking your bitch. You have to get inside of her head. A bitch that will break her back making you money is a bitch that is in love with you. A bitch that does not want to dissapoint you. A bitch that wants to make her daddy happy. If you just go around smackin her up all of the time, you become the problem instead of the rock. Bitches need to fear disappointing you but more importantly they need to desire to make you happy.

Pimps Are Hard On Bitches

You can be caring and sensitive, you can be cheerful and playful, you can be whatever you want. Most importantly you can be YOURSELF. If you’re a dude who is always laughing and joking, don’t all of the sudden start being some straight up gangster who never cracks a smile. Don’t try and be someone else. Being a pimp is about finding your own style, finding what works for you and what works for you is being yourself. However you always need to be hard on your bitches. You can never for a moment let a bitch think that you’re soft and can be taken advantage of. Bitches are manipulative and they will try and find your weaknesses, if they think that they can point out your weaknesses, they will. Bitches are always looking for a hand up over their pimp. You need to make sure that they don’t have one, or even think that they have one. Being hard on your bitches can be any thing from always increasing your expectatins and never letting them get comfortable to knowing what they really like and want and removing it from them for set periods of time. There’s a lot of different ways you can be hard on your bitches, but the most important thing is that you never think a bitch has earned enough for you, or that she’s helped you in some way that she deserves to be treated differently then any other bitch and never ever think that a bitch ain’t a bitch.

Pimps, Money & Bitches

Money is a very important part of the relationship between a bitch and her pimp. I’m not saying this is a “I’m about my money” type of thing, where you’re just trying to say you’re motivated by money and that’s why it’s important to you. Money & Bitches when you’re pimping is much more important, it’s THE defining dynamic between you and your bitches. Normally when you’re in love and have a girlfriend or a wife, the defining dynamic between the two of you is love. You always fall back onto do we love each other or not? A pimp will never define love as the defining factor between a bitch and himself. A pimp will always let a bitch know that the most important thing between them is that she needs to bring him money and more money. If she continues to do that, everything will be all good. If she stops doing that, if she brings less money, if she says she doesn’t want to bring money, if she gets between her pimp and his money, she knows she is going to get a whopping, she knows her pimp is going to abandon her, she knows she will be left at the drop of a dime if she fucks with her pimps money. If a bitch really understands that the most important thing to her pimp is his money, she will never even think about fucking with his money. She will break her back to suck that one extra dick so she has an extra $50 for her pimp when he comes to get his money. If you make the dynamic of a pimp and a bitch love, rather than money, then that bitch will take advantage of you all day long.

Pimps Don’t Chase Bitches, Pimps Replace Bitches

The most important thing and sometimes the hardest thing for a pimp to do is to drop a bitch. You have to be completely cold hearted, you can not cut a bitch slack when she doesn’t deserve it. You know what a bitch has to do to get dropped, and when that situation happens don’t start making excuses for her on why you shouldn’t drop her. You know she needs to be dropped and it doesn’t matter what the situation is, you drop her. To be specific when I say drop a bitch I don’t mean punch her and knock her out. I simply mean cut all ties with her, let her know you’re no longer her pimp and she is on her own. It’s not every day this will happen and to be honest, it happens seldom. But sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you feel sorry for a bitch and even if she should be gone, through her tears and protest you are tempted to keep her around. This is always going to be tough, but you have to be able to be cold hearted and drop a bitch when it makes sense to do so. You may be a cold hearted dude and think I’m a punk for saying it’s hard to drop a bitch, but if you have a bitch that you have lived with for 5 years, she’s been your bottom bitch, she’s made you a lot of money and one day you gotta drop her, it’s not easy. If it is easy for you, then you’re a cold dude.

Keeping your bitches in check is something that even if you read everything I have to say about it and you talked to several other pimps, you’ll still run into problems. You need experience to learn how to keep a stable of hoes in check and sometimes you need to make mistakes in order to learn from them. Being a pimp is not about being perfect, it’s about making your bitches think that you’re perfect. If you make mistakes it’s all good, you just need to correct them very quick and never make them again. If you think you can do that, which you probably can, you’re going to be good.

– Pimp Feet

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  • d griffin

    It seems like more work than working a real job — no thanks!

  • hawgowar

    Hang all pimps.

  • Jerrell

    Sometimes I miss the life. lol

    I noticed an “active” tent down the way while camping for the first time in ages and actually got bored enough to look into the prevalence of such activities in my region.
    No arrests have been made, at all, that I can find in the whole damn state.
    No way I’m getting back into the life with what I have now, but seems fertile for future growth? Haha Yeah, not happening for me. I can’t represent like I used to.

    Your blog popped up in results among many others, but I actually ended up reading your musings on pimping.
    Not bad. At all. Maybe some hyperlinks in spots, and if you’re good at proofreading, a slap in the forehead, and you might bring it to near-greatness. lol

    Bringing up the whole online thing is big. If you could supplant this with more shit about managing a bitch in the digital age, ya might close in on that genius tag.
    Like I said, I’m out the game and all, but seems like you know a little bit about something?