The Way Things Used To Be

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 Texas Track Club of Abilene, 1964 


Disneyland Employee Cafeteria, 1961

historical photos



Teenagers at a party in 1947 in Tulsa, Oklahoma




Street gang from 1916



Tri-Delta sorority sisters, University of Texas, 1944 



Grade school dance 1950s



Guests on the “Snow White and her Adventures” ride on the opening day of Disneyland (1955).



Reception desk at General Motors Technical Center, 1956 





A young couple spending an evening in Las Vegas (1957)



Beach Date At Balboa Beach in 1947



United Airlines stewardess 1970



Saturday afternoon matinee…double feature and cartoons for .25



Recording an episode of “Gang Busters”, true crime radio show, New York, 1930’s



Economy class flying in 1970



Getting cooled air piped into the car while enjoying a meal at a drive-in restaurant. Houston, Texas. 1957



The New York Times Writers, 1942

historical photos



Bowling Alley Pinsetters

historical photos



Customers at a London music store listen to the latest record releases in soundproof listening booths, 1955

historical photos



A new suburban housing development opens, Bellflower California, 1953


Tattoo parlor in the 1920’s



Drive-in theater in Iaeger, West Virginia, 1956 



1924 Ringling Brothers and Barnun & Bailey “Circus of Freaks”



A movie theater, 1921

historical photos


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  • Tingle

    Thought that first picture was fake and they where Barbies. lol.