Quick IQ Test Of The Day

February 11, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: main

Press play to star the test, answer within 20 seconds.



Bonus question:

Look at this picture of a school bus. If the bus were to move forward, which direction would it go in?

Would it head to the left or the right?

80% of kids under 10 used common sense and logic to quickly work out the puzzle from visual clues.

Adults, on the other hand, tend to over-think things and consider many visual and sensory clues before finding themselves, well, stumped.

So, how can you work it out? First think where the bus doors are; they must be on the other side of the bus.

Then, if you remember that people in the US drive on the right side of the road — and we now know that the doors are on the right side — the bus driver must be at the front on the left-hand side.

So which way is the bus going? Left, of course.