Stay In School Kids…Prison Is Not A Nice Place

February 18, 2016 | 2 Comments » | Topics: main, TRUTH

Ex convict tells a story involving what he witnessed in a prison shower during his incarceration.


Miami prison doors mysteriously open allowing gangbangers to attack rival gang leader


Video of one of the bloodiest riots in California’s penal history.


Dude Gets Turned Out In Prison


Footage Of Jail Brawl Over Inmate Who Killed Another Inmate’s Brother


Inmates rescue prison guard from inmate attack


Quiet Kid learns to cope in prison


Bully Picks a Fight With the Wrong Guy in a Jail Cell


Video details the illusive tactics that season inmates perform to entrap a new inmate into the confined world of prison rape


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  • D

    I can only speak for myself. I finished a stint at Illinois River Correctional about 4 years ago. I had to serve 5 years for assault. Maybe it’s different in other prisons but in IRC, rape wasn’t very common. It was more consensual sex. The old timers talked about how things used to be and a lot of what they said, these guys are describing. Back when I was in, when someone got turned out, it’s because they were tricked. Example: You’re new and don’t understand how prison works. You come into your cell and there is a candy bar on your bed. If you are smart, you keep the bar. DO NOT EAT THAT BAR. If you do, then you “owe” someone. They will come back and say, “I left my candy in here and I want it back.” If you didn’t eat it, you hand it to them and tell them to stay out of your cell. If you did eat it, well, you might now owe them 10 candy bars. You can pay with commissary, you can fight them, or you can give them your ass. Once you get turned, that shit follows you FOREVER. Fighting and all that bullshit happens but it is rare and always approved by the shot callers. “Rape” is rare and is more “consensual” so to speak.

    • BiffTheButcher

      Do you have any crazy stories?