14 Glorious CIipz For Your Consideration

March 1, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Clips

Kurt Angle swings the bat, Sting catches it… oh wait no… no he didn’t.



Cardiology business card






Dog protects baby from ‘dangerous’ vacuum cleaner



Hockey players did not mess around back in the day



The original Russian trailer mount



In Taken 3, Director Olivier Megaton makes 15 camera cuts in 6 seconds to show Liam Neeson jumping over a fence



The Bongo Cam 



Pistol squats 



I’m sure they are going to have a long and happy marriage



Brock Lesnar PowerBombs the Big Show



Hulk Hogan puts Goldberg over and gives him a clean pin

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That time Goldberg speared the ring post and knocked himself out!



What a jerk…


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