Confessions Of A Cuckold Boyfriend

March 1, 2016 | 3 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

*A cuckold is a married man whose wife has sex with other men. In current usage it sometimes refers to non-married couples in committed relationships as well, although the traditional meaning is a man whose wife is adulterous.*

How did you find out that you had this fetish?

I’ve had girlfriends before and the idea never came up in my head. If one of those girls fucked somebody else I would have been pissed and probably dumped them. But the idea for it came when my GF told me about how she had a one night stand the night before we met for the very first time (her one and only one night stand, incidentally). I got thinking about it, and I thought it was kinda hot that that happened, and then it just grew from there.

Do you enjoy humiliation?

I do enjoy humiliation. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been interested in some form or other.

How did it come up/get to the point that both you and your girlfriend were comfortable talking and then doing it?

I was the one who suggested it first. My girlfriend was initially strongly opposed to the idea and it took me over a year of occasionally bringing up the idea of sharing her to get her to agree to it.

Do you think your fetish is driven by a desire to see your partner used or degraded?

Sure, that’s part of it! In our normal every day relationship to some extent she looks to me for protection and i naturally want to protect her. Just normal instincts men and women have. Sex for us is partially about breaking down the roles and responsibilities and stepping outside of our comfort zones for thrills.

What about watching other dudes nail your girlfriend do you enjoy?

It’s all about having a release, and watching her fuck other guys or knowing that she has fucked a guy, reminds me that I’m not in control of everything and that it’s ok to not have control over some things. Emotionally, that’s the release. But on a more simple level, I enjoy how dirty and wrong it feels. I like some of these guys can make her moan and make faces that she doesn’t make with me, it’s humiliating and therefore a MASSIVE turn on.

Is she the same sexually with the other guys as she is with you – does she hold back more with them/do things she doesn’t do with you etc?

She does things with other guys she doesn’t do with me for added effect. For example, she doesn’t like cum too much, but she can handle it well enough. When the guy cums on her face/in her mouth she’ll really play up to it pron-style because she knows it drives me crazy.

Have you ever gotten insecure when watching her?

I do get insecure but not about our relationship, just about my status as a man at that moment and how I’m sexually redundant. But as I said, that’s a healthy release for me. Usually after a cuckolding session we’ll have sex and it’ll be amazing, because we can feel a closeness between us that wasn’t there with the other guy.

How long does she normally spend in a session with another man?

Varies a lot. Shortest time was about 10 minutes, longest was hours.

How do you find the guys for her to have sex with?

We find the guys in two places. One is on a cuckolding forum and chat room, the other is just out at clubs and bars.

With the guys you meet in clubs and bars, how do you approach them? What sort of responses do you normally get?

As you might expect, the responses vary wildly. If the guy is wasted we more or less give up on that one. They break down like this:

Normal interested guys who want to talk about it. Ideal candidates.

Douchebags who would fuck my girlfriend if their own mother was in the same room. Personally, I like these ones because they get very macho and abusive towards me while it’s happening. They’re idiots but they play a part in the fantasy.

Guys that automatically say no and walk away, thinking it’s some kind of horrific trap.

And guys that say yes because all they can think about is having sex but then when they realise I’m still there they get weird and leave. Ever since getting into this I really was struck by just how stupid men can be when there could be some sex for them, it’s frightening.

Do they always know they’re being watched?

Yes they know I’m in the room, there’s no hiding in closets.

Have any of the fellows been unable to perform due to your presence? Or do you go out of your way to maybe seek guys out that have a bit of a exhibitionist side?

Yeah that’s why most of the guys we get are from relevant forums. I suppose the closest thing to a failure we had was a guy from a bar who looked convinced I was about to hit him, then I got my cock out and he did a double-take. Me and my gf had to stifle laughter, and he just silently and awkwardly had sex with her and then left in a hurry. That was pretty stale.

Does she let you sleep with other women?

We’re both ok with it, but I don’t. Strangely enough I’m the faithful type

Would you want to watch her with someone of another race?

That’s a big thing in cuckolding. Cuckolds often like to see their woman being fucked by a black guy, partly because they often have big penises but there’s also this weird racist undertone to it. Like it’s more dirty and dangerous because she’s white and pure and she’s being fucked by a big scary black guy. I like the part about the big penis, it’s definitely humiliating to see her being fucked deep by a penis twice the size of mine, but it’s not a huge factor.

I give you props for being able to handle this. For me, this is frightening. I’ve been cheated on and it hurts so bad. I could never go through with something like this. I would feel stripped of everything.

The best way I can describe it for people who have no way of relating is this: you know how people enjoy rollercoasters and scary movies? On the rollercoaster you’re flying around at 80mph at rapidly descending altitudes and your body is thinking FUCK I’M DYING but your brain knows everything is okay. It’s like that, I know there’s no danger (emotional or physical) but it’s such a strong and intense action that the body can’t help but react. It’s thrilling.