Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts

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It is almost certain that the astronauts survived the initial Challenger explosion, and died on impact with the water. At least three of the crew’s emergency oxygen tanks were manually switched on after the crew’s capsule broke apart from the rest of the shuttle. (article)

Most people have never actually seen how the crew sits inside the shuttle. Most people think everyone sits on one deck and has view of the windows- it’s not like that. It’s actually 3 decks tall and the crew sits on the upper and mid decks. (Image) Because of this set up if you’re seated on the mid deck you have no windows and no view. When Challenger broke apart (it did not explode, it broke apart. If you watch the video of the incident you will actually see the crew cabin shoot out of the debris field before falling down. (Image) Electricity was immediately severed as was communications. Those sitting on the mid deck were immediately sent in to darkness with no ability to communicate and with no idea what was happening. One second they’re riding a rocket and a spit second later they’re in darkness and tumbling. 

The free fall before hitting water was 2 minutes and 45 seconds.When the cabin hit the water it did so at 207 miles per hour and the deceleration exceeded 200g. When the bodies were recovered they had been in the water for nearly 10 weeks and were in an almost completely liquified state. Some body parts were later identified and returned to the families. The vast majority of the remains could not be identified and were buried together at the Challenger Memorial in Arlington.



The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that schools delay the start of classes until 8:30 or later, better aligning school schedules with the biological sleep rhythms of adolescents during puberty (article)



Only one NFL player has died on the field: Chuck Hughes in 1971. The game continued with a silent crowd 

Landry threw a pass that tight end Charlie Sanders dropped near the end zone. Hughes, a decoy on the play, began running back to the huddle with 1:02 showing on the clock. Suddenly, he dropped to the turf clutching his chest around the 20-yard line. Hughes collapsed near Bears linebacker Dick Butkus, who saw him begin to convulse violently on the field. Realizing what was going on, Butkus motioned to the sideline frantically to get Hughes assistance.

An ambulance was called for and arrived to take Hughes to Henry Ford Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 5:34 pm that afternoon.



Buffalo Bill’s house from “The Silence of the Lambs” has been up for sale for over 6 months but can’t find a buyer. It’s been mostly unchanged since filming as side by side pictures show, and the house also comes with a signed copy of the book and a thank you note from the crew. (Listing)



The Pentagon has rocket balls a.k.a. kinetic fireball incendiaries made of rubberized rocket fuel; when ignited, they propel themselves randomly at high speed, bouncing off walls, smashing through doors, turning an entire building into an inferno. (Article)



After a millionaire gave everyone in a Florida neighborhood free college scholarships and free daycare, crime rate was cut in half and high school graduation rate increased from 25% to 100% (Article)



In 2008, Nebraska implemented a law to allow parents to drop off unwanted newborns at safe havens; the law didn’t state an age limit, and nearly all the children abandoned were over ten years old- some were even 17! (Article)



Martha Stewart got high with Snoop Dogg at the Comedy Central roast of Justin Bieber.

“Snoop pulled out his… whatever you smoke stuff out of,” [Jeff] Ross recalled. “And me, him, and Martha Stewart got a little stoned. But she didn’t want to smoke directly so I shotgunned one right into her mouth.”



Keanu Reeves had his daughter and girlfriend pass away within 18 months of each other

Her loss is the latest in a long series of hardships for the reclusive star. Reeves was a toddler when his father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves… split from his mother, Patricia… rarely seeing Keanu or his older sister Kim. No longer in contact with him, Reeves once described their history as “full of pain and woe.”

But harder still, it seems, was the 1993 drug overdose of his good friend River Phoenix at age 23. Says one friend: “It’s something he thinks about all the time, something he never really talks about. Friends know not to go there with him.”



Keanu Reeves gave up his profit sharing options ($80 Million) for the Matrix sequels and gave them to the special effects team instead

Reeves gave US$80 million of his US$114 million earnings of The Matrix sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, to the special effects and makeup staff. He is quoted as saying ″Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.″.



Some Syrian rebels are using the Sturmgwehr 44, an assault rifle produced in Nazi Germany in late WW2 and which can be worth up to $30’000 in the US (Article)



A Japanese company has invented a robot that sits on your back and feeds you tomatoes while you run



Harry Markopolos determined Bernie Madoff was a fraud within five minutes of review. He then spent 10 unsuccessful years trying to alert the SEC. 

In 2009, Markopolos testified before Congress about why the SEC was so bad at their jobs. Later that afternoon, a bunch of SEC managers testified to the same panel. The congressmen were fuming and tore into them. Here is the video Skip to 28 minutes in.

Almost every SEC employee on that panel resigned within 30 days of that hearing.



After the death of his wife from breast cancer, actor Rick Moranis began an 18-year-long hiatus from acting to raise his children.