Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts

March 24, 2016 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

In a small town in County Cork, Ireland, a monument stands in appreciation to the American Choctaw Indian Tribe. Although impoverished, shortly after being forced to walk the Trail of Tears, the tribe somehow gathered $170 to send to Ireland for famine relief in 1847


Koko the Gorilla loved Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. When Rogers met her, she hugged him and followed standard protocol based on what she’d seen on the show: she took his shoes off (article)



 “Rope a dope” is a boxing technique where you allow your opponent to punch you heavily against the ropes, tiring them out. The ropes absorb most of the impact of the punches



Zach Braff beat up a 12 year old for spraying fake paint on his Porsche as a part of a prank on the show Punked. The scene was edited out. (hulu)



Harley Davidson motorcycles have a failure rate over twice that of the top three motorcycle manufacturers in the world (article)



Cameron Todd Willingham, who was charged and executed in 2004 for allegedly setting his house on fire to murder his 3 children in 1991. All the evidence against him was debunked by experts in fire investigations 5 years later. 

His last words: ‘The only statement I want to make is that I am an innocent man convicted of a crime I did not commit. I have been persecuted for twelve years for something I did not do. From God’s dust I came and to dust I will return, so the Earth shall become my throne.’”



John Cazale only ever appeared in five movies, but all five were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. After his death, archive footage of him was used in a sixth movie. This, too, was nominated for Best Picture

He was dying during the filming of The Deer Hunter, given a terminally ill diagnosis before filming. Deniro and Streep threatened to walk if he was not able to shoot, as the studio wouldn’t back his insurance. Deniro secretely backed his insurance, and all of Cazale’s scenes were shot first. He died before the film was finished.



Sharon Stone slapped the director after seeing the Basic Instinct “leg-cross” scene for the first time. She’d removed her panties when the director told her the flash of white was ruining the shot and that nothing would show on-screen (HD shot of the scene in question for those interested…NSFW!)



In 2000, a meat department at a Walmart in Texas became the first store to unionize. Within two weeks Walmart eliminated all meat department positions and switched to pre-packaged meats. (article)



The “Pillars of Creation” have already been destroyed by a cosmic explosion, but the remains will not be visible to us for another 1,000 years (article)



Spain Cheated in the 2000 Summer Paralympics, 10 of the 12 players on their roster “were encouraged to pretend to be stupid” and had no mental disability



Blood donors in Sweden are sent a text message every time their blood is used to save a life (article)



There is a town in Alaska with 217 residents and everybody lives in the same 14 story building. It includes a school, hospital, church, and grocery store.



André the Giant was once in a Montreal bar when four drunken men started to taunt him. André finally got fed up and chased the four men out into the parking lot. When the four men got into their car, André simply grabbed the car, turned it over onto its roof with the four men inside, and left.