A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Sports Photos And Videos

April 29, 2016 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Sports

Cyclist banned for six years after racing with a hidden motor (article)

“It was my friend’s and was identical to mine. This friend went around the course Saturday before dropping off the bike in the truck. A mechanic, thinking it was my bike, cleaned it and prepared it for my race.”



1989, the Detroit Lions drafted Barry Sanders. Here he is being toured through the Pontiac Silverdome by coach Wayne Fontes



Phil Ivey Beats the casino for over 20 million Dollars playing Baccarat



Flexible Football Helmet May Save Player’s Brains



The first match of Real vs Barcelona, 1929



In honor of Skip Bayless leaving ESPN, here he is getting destroyed by Mark Cuban



Actress Jean Harlow poses with boxer Primo Carnera, 1933

historical photos



Someone stole a 14-foot Royals player off a billboard in Kansas City

historical photos



Tradition states you shouldn’t keep an opposing team’s home run. Unless it is actually worth something.



A baseball fan’s dream apartment. Apartments sit just outside the fence.



Jedi mind tricks



Training staff are fed up with the 1% thinking they can do whatever they want



Colin Cowherd on Conor McGregor’s big mistake – “Millionaires don’t get into whizzing matches with billionaires”



Anthony Pettis’ leg after Barbosa fight 


Urijah Faber’s leg after the Aldo fight



Pic of Dada 5000 in hospital after the kimbo fight

DADA5OOO Back from the Dead!!! From Kidney failure 2 Heart attacks and Coded twice Back 2 Back! Homie my God is real. To beat me you got to cheat me!!…..Critics, Haters are free to think and say what they want But the truth is we Broke Records World Wide on National Tv And Sold that Arena out from the Back to the Front. ..But what goes on in the Dark Shall Always Come to the Light..( And What’s Obvious don’t need to be Explained I’m a Worrior) And im Hard to KILL!!! Even harder to Scare!!! Those out there Know who and what I’m talking about. I’m Still ALIVE!!! #Mitches And I give all the phrase and Glory to GOD!! And No weapon formed against me shall prosper and at the end of the day. I AM A TRUE AND LIVING WALKING TESTIMONY!!!!!!!!!! #Amen



Kevin Randleman’s staph infection!



Gabi Garcia takes Sakuraba’s back 



This is what happens when a bodybuilder stops taking sterioids

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