Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts

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In 1974 Jane Goodall observed a social rift in a community of chimpanzees turn into a violent 4 year civil war for territory involving kidnapping, rape & murder, changing her perception of chimpanzees, it is known as the “Gombe Chimpanzee War” (article)


Every year, OSHA publishes a list of workplace deaths with a one sentence description of what happened (Osha)



El Chapo would pick an elegant restaurant, Diners would politely be demanded their telephones, promising that they would be returned at the end of the evening. Chapo would come in and feast, return the telephones, pick up the tab for everyone, and head off into the night. (article)


Light Bulb Manufacturers formed a Market Controlling ‘Cartel’ that disallowed 1000 Hour+ lightbulbs, and threatened legal action to any company who did.



In 2001 woman stabbed her partner, skinned him and then tried to feed him to his children (article)

The marriage was particularly violent and, on one occasion, a heavily pregnant Knight burned all of Kellett’s clothing and shoes before hitting him across the back of the head with a frying pan, simply because he had arrived home late from a darts competition after making the finals. In fear for his life, Kellett fled before collapsing in a neighbour’s house, and he was later treated for a severely fractured skull. Police wanted to charge her, but Knight was now on her best behaviour and talked Kellett into dropping the charges. In May 1976, shortly after the birth of their first child, Melissa Ann, Kellett left her for another woman and moved to Queensland, apparently unable to cope with Knight’s possessive, violent behaviour.

The next day, Knight was seen pushing her new baby in a pram down the main street, violently throwing the pram from side to side. Knight was admitted to St Elmo’s Hospital in Tamworth where she was diagnosed with postnatal depression and spent several weeks recovering. After being released, Knight placed two-month-old Melissa on a railway line shortly before the train was due, then stole an axe, went into town and threatened to kill several people. A man known in the district as “Old Ted”, who was foraging near the railway line, found and rescued Melissa, by all accounts only minutes before the train passed. Knight was arrested and again taken to St Elmo’s Hospital, but, apparently recovered, signed herself out the following day.



The cost of college textbooks has risen 812% in the past 30 years—that’s more than healthcare costs, housing prices, and college tuitions, all of which have risen faster than the rate of inflation. (article)



A vegan couple was sentenced to life in prison for the death of their 6-week-old baby boy, who was fed a diet largely consisting of soy milk and apple juice. (article)



An actor who played McGruff the Crime Dog was sentenced to 16 years in prison after authorities searched his house and discovered more than 1,000 pot plants and 9,000 rounds of ammo for an assortment of 27 weapons to include a grenade launcher. (article)

A man who used to play McGruff the Crime Dog didn’t “Take a bite out of crime,” crime took a bite out of him.

John R. Morales was arrested in 2011 in Galveston, TX after a drug-sniffing dog (narc!) detected pot when he was pulled over for speeding. Police then found diagrams of two indoor pot-growing operations and a plethora of marijuana seeds.

When police raided his house, they seized 1,000 marijuana plants and 9,000 rounds of ammunition for an assortment of 27 weapons — including a grenade launcher, because McGruff must have lots of enemies.

After three years, Morales, 41, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 years in jail




China’s pet markets make most of their money on ill animals. Vendors perform tabletop plastic surgery to make sickly mutts resemble more valuable breeds, then pump them full of new blood laced with painkillers and stimulants. The dogs are known as “week dogs,” because they die in seven days. (article)



Americans consume 75% of all of the world’s opiates despite being 5% of the world’s population and in 2010 alone enough opiates were prescribed to medicated every American adult around the clock for a month according to the CDC (Prescription Thugs – great documentary available on Netflix)



In 2010 George Lucas said “I am dedicating the majority of my wealth to improving education. It is the key to the survival of the human race.” Two years later, Lucas sold Lucasfilm Ltd. to Disney for 4.05 billion dollars and donated the proceeds to a charity that focuses on education. (article)



75% of Japanese homes have a hi-tech toilet and the latest models eliminate the need for TP, keep you warm, check your blood pressure, play running-water sounds to increase privacy and open and close automatically so you don’t have to touch anything. 



In Detroit you have to wait on average more than 58 minutes for the police to respond to a call, compared to a national average of 11 minutes. Most police stations in Detroit are now closed to the public for 16 hours a day

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