A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Sports Photos And Videos

May 13, 2016 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Sports

This nose looks a little bit broken

Here’s the video of the knee that absolutely destroyed his nose



The Anatomy Of The God Of War – Gennady Golovkin

George Chuvalo explains his great chin.


Top Pic is Alistair Overeem in 2011 vs Brock Lesner, the Bottom pic is from this weekend.


Sports reporter drinks at the desk after the Capitals get eliminated


Tim Tebow – Rookie Hazing


Jahvid Best got knocked out going into the end zone. He did suffer a concussion, but went on to Play in NFL



When you have to hold a press conference because you choked out your coach #LatrellSprewell



Hockey ref wearing a helmet cam and mic during the game


Wrestler’s Ears


Group MMA Fight! 5v5


A’Shawn Robinson is 21 YEARS OLD. I’m willing to bet he asks bouncers for I.D.


Vancouver Whitecaps forward Masato Kudo has suffered by one of the most brutal hits you’ll see on a soccer pitch 


Even His Scalp Has Muscles!

fascinating photos



Putin and Fedor and Aleksander Emelianenko


What it’s like to box Juan Manuel Marquez