A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

June 6, 2016 | 5 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

Best missed call ever

fascinating photos


Returning a tear gas canister with a tennis racket 


Dizzy Gillespie’s cheeks while playing the trumpet


Statue of a polar bear impaled on a oil supply line, dumped infront of the danish parliament



When Rhode Island accidentally legalized prostitution, rape decreased sharply (article)

fascinating photos


A nurse is looking for a vein on the hand of a premature baby

fascinating photos


Exactly how much everything at McDonald’s costs to make. 

fascinating photos



English Actress Daniella Westbrook’s nose after decade of cocaine usage

fascinating photos


Kidney Stones under a microscope

fascinating photos


Some dude had to pass this Kidney Stone out of his pee-hole…poor bastard

fascinating photos


This is an Ashera breed of cat. They go for $22,000–$125,000 

fascinating photos


The secret airplane bedrooms where flight attendants and pilots sleep on long-haul flights


This happened 27 years ago today 


The interior of the Mazda HR-X2 from 1993 


Sly and his daughters



Aerial view of a scrap tire dumpyard 

In Heyope Wales, 1989, there was a tire fire where 10 million tires burnt for at least 15 years! Once a tire fire has started it is very very difficult to put it out.

fascinating photos


On April 2012 a five million tire fire erupted in Jahra, Kuwait

fascinating photos



Welcome to Rio: Man gets pickpocketed while being stopped by police for theft

interesting pictures


Size comparison of Thailand’s only aircraft carrier versus the USS Kitty Hawk 


A 44 year old Orangutan hand


This is what happens when you lose 200 lbs


Graduation pic of 18 female doctors at Jizan University, Saudi Arabia


Alessandro Moreschi was castrated early in his life to maintain his soprano voice. He is also the only castrato to be recorded at age 44 in 1902.