Your Thoroughly Depressing Post Of The Day: 21 Haunting Last Photos Of People Before They Died

June 7, 2016 | 10 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

A 98-year-old WWII veteran passes away with his wife by his side and dressed in his army uniform. This picture of Justus Belfield saluting was taken the day before he died


Mom and son took selfie aboard doomed Malaysia Airlines plane before takeoff


Woman sends a snapchat with her boyfriend and his gun before he shoots her dead


Gabriela Hernandez posted photo of herself on Facebook before committing suicide in 2013


Dave Hally took one last photo of his wife and 4-year-old daughter before takeoff for their dream vacation aboard MH17 


Last image of Rina Palenkova before committing suicide by train 


High school teacher Colleen Ritzer moments before her student raped and killed her


Canadian soldier posted this image to Facebook with the caption “Happiness is”, hours before stabbing his pregnant wife, throwing her off the balcony, and then jumping to his death


Mother posted picture of husband and daughter boarding Russian flight #7K9268, which crashed on 10/31/15 (caption read “We’re going home.”) 


Mark H. who just passed away. He was a victim of a driver who was drunk behind the wheel. He was expecting a child with his girlfriend.


Gilles Leclerc (left) and his girlfriend in Bataclan moments before the Paris shootings 


Russian teen seconds away from falling to his death.


Actress Sharon Tate in her backyard. Later that evening she and 4 others would be slaughtered by members of Charles Manson’s crime family. Los Angeles. Aug. 9, 1969



Japanese exchange student (in red) moments before losing her footing and being swept over Niagara Falls to her death


Officer Ashley Guindon of the Prince William Co. P.D. upon her swearing in Friday Feb. 26th. She was shot to death tonight during her first shift, Saturday Feb. 27th.


Last photo of a gay man being executed by ISIS by being thrown off a building. You can see another body below


Last image of “The Simpsons” co-creator Sam Simon 


January 28, 1986 – the crew of the Challenger on their way to board the shuttle…. 


Inside Japan Air Flight 123 during it’s final 30 minutes before crashing into a mountain side. Out of 524 passengers and crew only four survived (The Crash Of Japan Air Flight 123)


Heather Price, suicide victim’s final moments before she jumped off the Hoover Dam Bridge


Last photo of Muhammad Ali


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  • Tingle

    “Religion of Peace”

  • MightyMule

    The Russian teen idiot winning a Darwin award isn’t that sad.

  • Pelosi Schmelosi

    Why does the American Left support people who throw gays off buildings?
    And don’t give me that “this is ISIS” nonsense either…Muslims hate gays.
    Bunch of hypocrites

    • V the K

      Because the American Left hates Christians even more than ISIS.

      • Ilya S

        Just like American right loves its guns, you know?

    • Ilya S

      Why does right loves guns so much?

      I never heard an answer to that one

      • Nombidi

        Because the perceived net benefits outweigh the negatives.

        Lunatics kill people with knives but we don’t outlaw knives. Even more to the point, cars and trucks, kill many more people than knives or guns but we just try to regulate them better to minimize the negatives.

        And likely a good reason why gun people resist most proposed new regulations is that the intent is not to regulate but to eliminate.

        Same with Abortion but on the other foot. People who propose regulations on abortion commonly intend to eliminate it. People who support it are well aware and resist everything proposed even to the point of supporting killing babies AT birth.

        • Ilya S

          By perceived benefits you mean more people being killed by guns?

  • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Something tells me this was more about finding an excuse to post the Ali pic then anything.

  • Legend

    Yeah they were depressing