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Ponso, a roughly 40-year-old chimp, who was dumped on an abandoned island off the Ivory Coast more than 30 years ago after being used for medical testing. He relies on the kindness of a nearby villager, Germain, who’s dropped off bananas and bread for him ever since he was left to die (article)



As a result of Breyers adding excessive amounts of additives in their ice cream to cut costs, Canada has determined their product no longer contains enough milk and cream to meet labeling requirements for ice cream, and must be labeled “Frozen Dairy Dessert”,or “Frozen Dessert.” 


Jurassic Park’s visual effects were so groundbreaking to filmmakers that it inspired George Lucas to start working on the Star Wars prequels, Stanley Kubrick to invest in pet project, A.I Artificial Intelligence, and Peter Jackson to work on Lord of the Rings.


Last summer the city of Albuquerque started paying the homeless to clean up abandoned homeless camps around the city. The participants must work hard and on average five to six hours a day. In return they get $9 an hour plus a lunch of sandwiches, chips and granola bars (article)



People born blind use the same facial expressions as sighted people when expressing emotions, meaning that our facial expressions are innate and not learned behaviour. (article)



In 1911 a lone man emerged from the wilderness in California, the last member of his tribe and also “the last wild Indian”. With the help of university professors he was able to preserve parts of his language and culture

Ishi died of tuberculosis on March 25, 1916. His friends at the university initially had tried to prevent an autopsy on Ishi’s body since the body was to be kept intact according to Yahi tradition, but the doctors at the University of California medical school performed one before Waterman was able to stop it. Ishi’s brain was preserved and the body cremated.


The Last of His Tribe:


During the 1990’s Joe Rogan paid $10,000 per month to have a T1 internet connection installed in his house in order to play Quake without dealing with lag


During the 1995 OJ Simpson trial, the ABC, NBC and CBS networks nightly news broadcasts gave more air time to the details of that case than to the Bosnian War, the Oklahoma City bombing and the Rwandan genocide combined.


While on tour with Motley Crew in 1984, Ozzy Osbourne asked Nikki Sixx for a line of cocaine. After being told there was none, Ozzy grabbed a straw, and snorted ants. Nikki confessed: “From that moment on. We knew there was always someone who was sicker and more disgusting than we were.”

Related Story: One night Ozzy was drunk wearing nothing but a short woman’s dress. He pissed on the ground and proceeded to lap it up. Then he told Nikki to do the same thing.

Not wanting to let down a legend, Nikki pissed on the ground and hesitated. Before he got the chance Ozzy pushed him away and lapped up the piss.



In 2011 a drug cartel kidnapped hundreds of innocent bus passengers in Mexico and made them fight to death like gladiators. The winners were sent on suicide missions


First hand account from a survivor:

While the bus was leaving San Fernando, the bus driver saw at a distance that there were several trucks blocking the highway up ahead, and that there were several men wearing ski-masks and holding AR-15s. The gunmen ordered the bus to stop, and the bus driver obeyed. The cartel members approached the bus pointing their guns and yelling, “Open the door, asshole! Move, you son of a bitch, unless you want me to shoot you dead.” The chauffeur, trembling, opened the door for the gunmen, who quickly stormed the bus as soon as the door was opened. “You are all fucked,” yelled one of the gunmen to the people on board; the passengers were frightened, and some of them cried, thinking it was simply a regular armed robbery. But that was not the case this time. The cartel members then ordered the bus driver to drive the bus deep into a dirt road for about ten kilometers before reaching a plain area, “in the middle of nowhere.” In the area there were about twenty luxurious trucks and three passenger buses, some of them with bullet holes, flat tires, and broken windows. The driver was then ordered to stop the bus, and all the men were then told to descend from the vehicle. They were asked to form a line, and the cartel members began to organize them from youngest to oldest and from strongest to weakest. Those who looked old or weak were separated from the group, tied from their feet, and then taken elsewhere. Those who were left were ordered to take off their shirts and remain where they were. A man wearing black military uniform, a bulletproof vest, and a kit belt was called from the trucks that were parked nearby. All of the triggermen referred to him as Commander 40, better known as Miguel Treviño Morales, one of the top leaders of Los Zetas. The man approached the passengers that were lined up in front of him, and said in an energetic voice: “Let’s see, assholes. Who wants to live?” But no one answered. One teenager accidentally wet himself out of nervousness, and Commander 40 shot him dead with a headshot. Treviño Morales then yelled: “I will ask all of you one more time. Who the fuck wants to live?” All of the men raised their hands. “Good. We will test your abilities to see how capable you are. If you make it, you’ll survive; if you do not, you’re fucked.” Commander 40 then asked his henchmen to bring the bats and clubs, and each of the passengers was given one. He then said, “Look, each of you will get in pairs and beat the shit out of each other. Those who survive will work for Los Zetas, those who don’t, well, they’re fucked.” All of the passengers were shocked, and could not believe that the orders the individual in front of them gave sounded more like those of a Nazi than those of a drug lord. Everyone got their bats and clubs, joined up as a pair, and stared at their partners nervously. Treviño Morales then said: “Now beat the shit out of each other.”

One of the passengers of the bus approached Treviño Morales weeping and saying: “Please, sir. I do not want to do this. I will give you all the money I have and my own house, but please let us go.” Treviño Morales stared at him firmly, took away his club and then said, “Okay, stupid asshole. Leave,” and while the crying man was walking away, Treviño Morales swung his bat and hit him in the back of the head—and then struck him more than 20 times until his head was completely destroyed. He then turned around and said to the kidnapped victims: “This is what you have to do. Have some balls (courage). Anyone who does not want to can tell me and I will beat the hell out of you.” All of the men started fighting. Several other Zeta members, who were still on a bus with other passengers, ordered the women whom they considered the most beautiful to descend the vehicle so they could rape them. Then they took away the children from their mothers, and shot the rest of the bus passengers. The women were taken to a warehouse where many other women were held captive. Inside a dark room, the women were reportedly raped and beaten, while the one heard the screams of the women and of the kids being put in acid. A driver of one of the buses was then asked to turn on the bus engine, and then ordered to move the bus to where the kidnapped victims were handcuffed and laid down on the dirt floor. “Drive on top of them,” one of the killers told the bus driver, who stood there motionless. “Drive on top of them or I will put you there too, asshole,” the killer repeated. The driver had no other option but to drive over the victims. As he rode over his own passengers with the bus, he felt like the vehicle was passing over speed bumps, but the only difference was that the bus driver and the passengers could actually hear the cries of the people as their being run over. The gunmen, once the driver was finished, gave him a headshot and them dosed several bullets to those on board. Then several Zeta gunmen set the bus on fire. Treviño Morales then gathered all the Zetas and said, “We have had enough fun for tonight. Bring the winners.” His triggerman brought all of those who had passed the gladiator-like competitions, and were gathered in front of Treviño Morales.

Commander 40 then said to everyone, “Welcome to Los Zetas special forces, the ‘other’ military.”


Horror movie soundtracks sometimes include infrasound, which is sound below the range of human hearing. Even though we can’t hear it we can still feel it and infrasound has been shown to induce anxiety, heart palpitations, and shivering. (article)


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