A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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What’s it like to get laid out in the NFL?

 It was like being in a car accident. Everything was fast, then it was suddenly slow motion. I was running down on punt coverage against Dallas last season, like I’ve done a thousands times before. I pushed off on my blocker. I turned to my left. I saw a white jersey.

Car crash.

I hit the ground, and I heard the sound you never want to hear. When you have a brush with death, people always say you see a light. Well, I didn’t see a light. I heard a noise. You know the noise I’m talking about — like when you were a little kid, bored at a family party, and you ran your finger around the top of your auntie’s wine glass. It’s that weird, far-off ringing sound. 

It was terrifying. I couldn’t hear the crowd. I couldn’t hear my teammates. That’s when I knew it was bad.

I was thinking, O.K., get up. Just get up.

But I couldn’t get up. My whole body was numb. I couldn’t move my arms. I couldn’t move my head. I couldn’t talk.

All I could do was move my eyes. I was thinking:

Am I deaf?

Am I paralyzed?

What is going on?

Am I about to die?

Please, somebody come help me.

In that moment, I was completely helpless. You know what it felt like? Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? Imagine you wake up from a dream early in the morning, and you can hear everybody in your house making breakfast and talking and laughing, but you can’t move. No matter how hard you try, you can’t actually get up. You’re stuck in between being asleep and being awake.

So you just lay there, trapped inside your own body while the world goes on around you. That’s exactly what it felt like, except I wasn’t in bed. I was at the 50-yard-line of Cowboys Stadium, surrounded by 90,000 fans.



How does the pedometer know that I am walking and not just shaking my phone?

If you looked at a graph of what the phone was recording as it moves you would quickly see patterns that were unique to walking.

The phone records how it’s moving (accelerating) in 3 different directions. It also records the magnetic force in 3 directions like a 3 dimensional compass. A graph of this would look like 6 lines all waving around.

When you’re walking you have a very rhythmic movement and it only happens in certain directions relative to the direction your phone is orientated in your pocket or bag. The same for climbing stairs and a load of other actions. The graphs of these actions will all have unique things about them that the phone can pick out to tell what you’re doing. It’s like recognising your voice – it’s not perfect but it’s getting very good.

– twwp


How come 911 works when there is no cell phone service due to being in a remote area

“No service” on your phone actually means:

“There is no signal from a carrier that recognizes that you have an active, billable account allowed to make calls.”

However, since an active, billable account isn’t required to make a 911 call, you can make a 911 call from a cell phone as long as there is any provider in range who has the technical ability to receive your phone’s signal.


Gambling Addiction: How does it start? What makes it worse? Why does it become so difficult to recover?

Variable-Ratio Schedule rewards are a stronger enforcer of a behavior than fixed-ratio schedule rewards to animals.

For example, if you teach the dog when he stands on his hind legs he gets a cookie, he’ll do that. However when he does it and doesn’t get a cookie, he goes, fuck this, and goes into a behavioral status called extinction, which is to say there is no longer an association with the cookie and standing up.


If doggie stands up and SOMETIMES he gets a cookie, he will keep doing it even if you stop giving him a cookie.

Without throwing around unnecessary jargon (more than I already have)

Doggy learns if you KEEP standing on hind legs, eventually you get the cookie.

It’s a much stronger reinforcer.

Gambling does the exact same thing.

Doggy goes up to slot machine pulls handle.
If it gives him a cookie every time, doggy keeps pulling handle. WHen it stops giving cookies, doggy says, I guess the cookie machine is broken now, and goes to do something else.

Sometimes he gets a cookie, sometimes not. When he pulls a few times and then gets the cookie, his body makes all the feel good doggy chemicals and he feels good and he gets a cookie.

That way when doggy is on a losing streak at the slots, instead of thinking “the machine is broken” he thinks, “I’ll bet I just need to pull it one more time”

Then he starts really really wanting the cookie and the feel good doggy chemicals that his body makes when he wins. He starts wanting them so badly he starts feeling like something bad will happen if he doesn’t place one more bet. He might even have knots in his stomach.

And that’s how it works.

– ClintHammer 



What’s it like to work on a cruise ship?

Everyone sleeps with everyone.

The food for crew is nearly inedible.

You will never find a free washer unless you camp out in the laundry room for a few hours. There are usually about 5 to 15 washers/dryers, and anywhere from 1000 to 2500 crew members.

The rooms are tiny, and your shower curtain will always be trying to get to know you Biblically.

US citizens aren’t payed that well, but some countries, where the conversion rate is really good, make some serious bank. South Africa, especially.

We do get to get off in port and go have a good time. Many ports have crew discounts for food and drink. However, most contracts last for around 6 to 8 months, so after a while, the same old ports every week start to really wear on you.

There is a crew only bar, and beers are $1.50. Some ships have a crew only hot tub.

That’s all off the top of my head.

– MirtaGev 



Why do auctioneers call out the way they do?

The intent is to talk fast to move things along more quickly. However, what you’re hearing is an intentional type of pronunciation from which you can decipher what they are saying, partly because of how they enunciate, but also because it’s consistent and you learn how to listen to them pretty quickly at any auction. Also, they repeat numbers and situations constantly, which serves the purpose if clearing confusion for people who might mishear once. Lastly, the repetitive and fast nature, with no dead space, keeps things feeling more anxious, for lack of a better term, and more likely to make buyers make snap decisions, especially in a novice buyer.

So in part, it is tradition, but moreso for the purpose it serves than just to keep a tradition alive.



What is a 401k?

A 401k is a special savings account with three rules:

1) You pay much less tax on what goes into a 401k (and, if you want, don’t have to pay any tax at all on it until you take the money out)

2) You can only put up to $18,000/year into the account

3) You can’t take the money out until you turn 59.5 years old (you actually can, but you pay a penalty that totally removes the value in putting the money there in the first place)

The program was created by the US federal government to incentive people to save for retirement. Typically you pay a percentage of each paycheck into your 401k, and most employers will match what you put in up to a certain percentage (usually 2-6% of your paycheck). Employers do this as a benefit; whatever percent they match can effectively be seen as a raise, which is pretty nice.




What Is Heroin Like?

You are stuck out on a park bench in the middle of December. You have no place to go, no family or friends, you’ve gotten all the money, and stolen items out of them that you can. You’re cold, alone, you stink, but you don’t have the energy or means to take a shower. Then somehow you procure enough money to buy a bag (generally by hooking other people up and ripping them off a bit, overcharging, etc.) So you go to your dealers, buy a bag, find some spot that is relatively closed off. (There have been exceptions to this, one time on a side walk I threw my coat over my upper body and did it with people a few feet from me.) You go through your ritual, get the shot prepared, spend 20 mins to an hour to find a vein that hasn’t collapsed or shrunken from the cold, on once you register, and see that blood come back into the brownish tube, you push the plunger in and hope beyond hope you didn’t miss. Then it happens. You start feeling warm, not actually warm but the kind of warm where you’re cold and someone gives you the most comfortable blanket you’ve ever felt, and inside, underneath that brown blanket you realize “Hey, my life’s not so bad.” Every worry you’ve ever had is gone, seemingly never to return. “Ahh, this is nice.” You think to yourself. “I’m just going to take a quick nap, then get up and go shower at the Y.M.C.A, and then go apply at that job downtown I used to go to college for, what was that? Civil engineering maybe? Alright, twenty minutes then I’ll get up.”


You are stuck out on a park bench in the middle of December. You have no place to go, no family or friends…

Rinse and repeat. Everyday, for the rest of your life. That is what heroin is like.




How do steroids make your muscles grow, and are they as dangerous as people make them out to be if taken in moderation?

Hey. i’m a dude who’s on steroids, and i’ve been studying them for about 5 years. i know a lot about them.

anabolic steroids are either testosterone or derivatives of it. they are all classed under the “androgen” umbrella rather than the “estrogen” umbrella that corticosteroids are classed under. the body has a lot of receptors for different hormones all over the body. anabolic steroids activate the androgen receptors in the body, many of which are located in muscle cells (although there are also some in bone tissue, kidney tissue, skin, etc).

you can think of androgen receptors as locks and anabolic steroids as the keys- when the key opens the lock, it triggers a genetic response in the muscle cells that basically tells the cell to synthesize more protein. this lets muscles recover more quickly and more efficiently.

many steroids also exhibit an effect called “nutrient partitioning” which… simply put, changes what your body uses nutrients for. if you’ve ever seen a government spending pie chart , you can see how there are a lot of different things that the government is spending money on. your body does the same thing with nutrients. lots of different processes to spend calories on. steroids basically make the piece of the pie that would say “building muscle” bigger.

as for the health aspect… well, we don’t really know for sure. steroids definitely have adverse effects. but of the ones listed, most of them are cosmetic and reversible. the ones that are not cosmetic usually are not reversible, and those are the ones to worry about.

the side effects most commonly talked about by the media would be:

of those things, a couple aren’t even real side effects. shrunken penises do not happen on steroids, i promise. cancer has never been linked to steroids. and there hasn’t been any scientific evidence to substantiate the idea of “roid rage.” in addition, kidney problems and mental instability as a direct result of steroids have never (as far as i can tell) been directly proven, but i’ve read about weak correlations. never heard of kidney problems, personally, but mental instability has happened. problem is, the people who use steroids are often not the most mentally stable people in the first place. many of us already suffered from some form of mental illness before we started, and sometimes drugs like antidepressants or antipsychotics can cause symptoms that people will blame on the steroids.

of those not mentioned above, many are reversible or preventable entirely. shrunken testicles can be prevented with hCG use, and even if you don’t use hCG, they go back to normal when you get off. i’ve never actually read about a single case of incurable infertility as a result of steroid use either. baldness can be prevented by avoiding certain steroids and using things like finasteride or dutasteride (basically rogaine like stuff). acne can be prevented with a good diet, by controlling your estrogen levels by using certain drugs called aromatase inhibitors, and you know, basic human hygiene. gynecomastia is also preventable with aromatase inhibitors (AIs) and selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). and again, both of those things are reversible.

the real problems are heart and liver damage. that shit is real. almost all steroids will cause the heart to grow, which is not good. steroid use has been correlated to increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular issues. it’s never been explicitly proven but we all know the link is there. injectable steroids actually don’t do any harm to the liver, but oral steroids can. their molecular structure is modified in a way allows them to survive the digestive system and become active in the bloodstream. this is called 17-alpha-alkylization and basically means that they cause buildup of toxic materials when they pass through the liver. if abused, they can cause liver damage. but, most responsible steroid users take supplements that help promote healthy liver function, many of which are very effective.

if used in moderation, can they be used pretty safely? yeah. you’re definitely gonna take some time off your life by using, but that’s a risk/reward thing that the individual must consider on their own. personally, it’s worth the risk for me. to have a chance to be the best at what i do, i would need to juice no matter what. and i’m following my dreams even if it takes time off of my life.

edit: if anyone wants me to go into more detail about anything in particular that i said, i’d be glad to do so, just ask. these explanations are pretty simplified believe it or not. if you’re confused about something, i’d love to explain the process behind what i’m talking about and show you what i mean.

– hoponthe