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This is what a true hero looks like…Najih Al-Baldawi hugged a suicide bomber attempting to blow up a Shrine in Iraq’s Balad area. His action cost him his own life as the suicide bomber detonated, but it saved the lives of dozens of others. He’ll live on in the hearts of those he saved.

Najih Shaker Al-Baldawi has been hailed a hero with many calling for him to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom following his heroic sacrificial actions.

The terrorist, who was apparently a member of the so called Islamic State, detonated his belt when Najih wrapped himself around him, killing the pair of them instantly but harming nobody else, reports Al Masdar News.

The incident occurred as the terrorist was travelling to the Sayyed Mohammad Shrine in Balad, Iraq, where he was planning to assist in the ISIS attacks against the place of worship.


Elephant orphanage in Nairobi 


Tents at Glastonbury


A walk around the Glastonbury festival campsite after everyone has gone home.


Thunderstorm at night over the Pacific ocean was taken at 37,000 feet by Santiago Borja


Hogwarts “magic” 


Reese Witherspoon and her doppelgänger daughter 


How the United States was assembled 


Pokemon Go bringing people together


What a speedcuber sees when he solves the Rubik’s cube


A Dallas police officer after coming home from a 15-hour shift on Thursday night


The have-nots and the haves in Brazil


A White Dragon King Crown Betta


A mammoth tusk sticking out of the ground in a Siberian riverbed


Polish Special Forces preparing for NATO Summit in Poland 


A map of every car bomb explosion in Baghdad since 2003


The president of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar, looking great at 48


A robot mannequin that can be any body size/shape 


View from behind the scenes 


2002 was the year Robert De Niro stopped caring



Crocodile still inside its amniote 


Meanwhile around Jupiter..


School of young fish using a jellyfish as protection from circling predators 


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