Reaction GIFs Beeyotch!

July 25, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: GIFs

When she says under hear breath “I meant to swipe left…” 


When I accidentally click like on my ex girlfriend’s bikini pic from 2007 at 3am while drunk


When I forgot I’m not at a Nazi rally, but actually at the Republican National Convention


When someone says I can pet their dog


When someone asks me about my future plans


When she says she’s “too sick” to go out with me but gets tagged in her friend’s instagram later that night


When I remember that once as a kid I sniffed a pair of my sister’s panties from the laundry and got a boner


When you’re vegan


When my co-workers go on a beer run and bring back Natty Ice


When my wife asks if I ate the last two ice cream sandwiches


When I’m at the gym working out and see a fat person walking in


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