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What exactly is a Sociopath?

As a functioning sociopath I feel qualified to answer this. Certainly more than any doctor who has about as much insight into the human mind as my dog does as to why I put on a shirt every day. I’ll be happy to defend that comment as well and invite any psychologist to flip through the recent DSM and find me one definitive diagnosis in the entire book that isn’t obvious to a 5 year old, and then tell me they have it all figured out.

I understand the conceptual ideas people associate with emotions. I use those to my advantage. I feel those emotions at times. After 11 years of marriage I finally understood what love is. It took my wife being hospitalized for a psychiatric issue, twice, and arguing with a room full of highly educated doctors about the mere notion that they may not deeply understand the human mind as well as they think they do, and that it took me 20 minutes and a medical book to come up with the exact same diagnosis they did, and they had 12 years of schooling which they wasted considering the ease an untrained joe can come up with the same diagnosis and path of treatment. My wife is also a doctor. A real one though, a surgeon, not a fraud like the entire psychiatric field.

I understand that society has a general consensus as to what we consider right and wrong. I make no distinction between those concepts and could, given an number of possibilities, create a situation where almost any immoral action would be justified. I understand that societies have setup a system of what they like to refer to as “Laws”, which are in fact rules. Laws cannot be broken, that’s why we call them laws. Gravity is a law. Don’t speed or stab someone in the face with a pen is a rule, because I speed all the time and I have a number of people I wouldn’t mind shanking in the eye with a pen. I get that people are put into power by the will of the weak minded and therefore our leaders are as weak as those people. I have respect for that leadership or authority only so much as it keeps me out of jail. Every other decision made by anyone in power could be made by almost any other random person and things would continue on virtually unchanged.

I find no importance in the individual. Any one person is a meaningless bag of bacteria and protein borrowing energy from an uncaring violent universe until such time their consciousness fades into memory. I do not believe any moral or legal code applies to my actions because my actions are personally justified. Much in the same way we justify our use of recreational drugs or taking that illegal left turn, I simply apply that concept to myself in a broader sense.

I am very giving. I am very personable. I see every person as an actor and an audience simultaneously. I am keenly aware of my surroundings. Why the girl in the corner has high heels and silver shirt on, or that guy just pressed step three in the courting ritual and got a positive response. I am a people watcher. I love airports and large arenas. I think that a pick-n-pull junkyard is a microcosm of social engineering where all societal norms break down in an almost entirely male dominated place and is one of the last such places that exist.

I am very happy almost all the time. When I get angry I take out violent action on objects. Tires through walls. Wrenches down the street. I throw things and punch things because I am unable to control my anger mentally and I am aware of it. I do not ruminate on the past. I have learned to not hold grudges. I take very little anger directed towards me personally. I over analyze everything. I believe all problems have a solution and when they don’t, they are not problems. I have serious trust issues. I am excellent at hiding and camouflage and reconnaissance. I know people are generally not paying attention to anything except a spot the size of a quarter about 3 feet in front of their face. I have a very low resting heart rate and low blood pressure. I appear totally calm at all times.

I read people incredibly well. I use my ability to do this to my advantage. I can get large groups of people to do things even when they do not want to. I appear very motivated. I am very good at motivating others. I am very course in my language. I swear a lot. I look at women I do not know as objects and one of my biggest thrills would be objectifying a woman I do know. I am open about my violent desires mainly because I find it either puts people off or excites them, this again is an act of knowing people and using it to my advantage.

I am very well read. I’m in great shape for my age. I maintain a very constant appearance because again, it is a role I play, nothing more. I remember almost everything I read and am filled with detailed facts and anecdotes. I have read a study about a topic you just brought up in conversation and know more about it than you. I find only one woman my true equal and only barely. She knows I am smarter than her although she has achieved more than I have. I have friends. Many of them very close. I feel that friends lie down in the street for you if called on. I am not afraid of anything except irrational fears, like being eaten by an alligator. I refrain from some activities because I understand the risks, like Meth or heroin for example. I do not morally judge those who use hard drugs, I just think they are stupid and didn’t factor in the risks beforehand, which makes them weak. Life is a cost/benefit analysis, nothing more. I am supremely hedonistic.

I find most people are a book I’ve already read. I stereotype based on a variety of characteristics as I find it shortens the distance between discovery and understanding. I have no ideas of racial or ethnic superiority. To paraphrase R. Lee Ermy in FMJ, we are all equally worthless. Blacks and gang bangers like me because they think I am crazy, when in fact, I am simply befriending them in case I need to use them in the future. I am not correlating those two groups in that last sentence, I simply see they both have a function. People like to have me around because I am brutally honest, to the point of absurdity. I see people as a resource, no different than food or labor is a commodity. I understand competitive advantage and use that to my advantage.

I could go on for a while like this but you get the idea. I feel. But I choose when to feel. I do not cry over death, or sad news. I don’t get emotional about disasters, or tragedies. It’s just fewer people to feed. I’ve never said “What a shame.”

I wanted to add, this idea about “No real doctor would diagnose someone this way” is a useless argument since the type of doctor who would do such a thing is no better than a chiropractor or holistic medicine professional anyway. As a sociopath, I am fine with being called one. The difference between myself and a psychopath is that my actions have a reason. I just feel they are all justified.



How are big wars “controlled” now days?

So there’s a chain of command:



How Was The Soviet Government Structured?

The Soviet structure changed multiple times in history. I’m going to talk about the pre-1989 system. There’s a lot of really weird “communist” administrative names that get used, so it gets pretty confusing. The Soviet system is based around the idea of “soviets”, which roughly means workers’ council. Furthermore, the administrative system is split between the actual government and the Communist Party.

Rurally, people would vote for their village soviet (city council). Each village soviet would send a delegate to the township soviet (county council). The township soviet makes laws for that particular area.

In cities, it was slightly different. People from different productive groups (unions) would send delegates to the city soviet (city council).

It’s insanely complicated at the provincial/district level, but the idea is the same. Local councils send delegates to higher-up councils. So forth.

At the very top, you had the Supreme Soviet (House of Representatives). These guys were supposedly the highest legislative body, but were really just rubberstamping whatever the Communist Party wanted. They also selected the Council of Ministers, which were the guys running the day-to-day operations (education, infrastructure, etc.). The head of the Council of Ministers was the Premier of the Soviet Union.

In reality, the country was run by the policymakers internal to the Communist Party (CPSU). These policies were supposedly created by the Congress of the CPSU, which was composed of delegates from around the USSR.

However, the Congress only met every few years, so most of the actual decisions were made by the Central Committee, which was separated into the Politburo and the Secretariat. The Central Committee also included other members, but was often only rubberstamping what the Politburo wanted.

The Politburo were the head honchos. They made the big policy decisions. Most people think of the Politburo when they think of the guys who worked with Stalin, Khrushchev, or Brezhnev. These are the guys who run the show, but you can see a lot of historical conflict between the Politburo and other organs of the government.

The Secretariat were the administrators responsible for the day-to-day running of the Communist Party. The leader of the Secretariat was the General Secretary and was the head of the whole CPSU. When we talk about “leaders of the Soviet Union”, we mean the General Secretary. Khrushchev, Stalin, Lenin, Gorbachev were all General Secretaries.

All in all, the Soviet government is really, really confusing. Especially when you realize that most of the “councils” and “organs” were rubberstamping orders from top-down.

– ThePorkAwakens



How a dyno determines how much horsepower a car has from the tires spinning.

The simplest type uses a(very large) weighted wheel of a known weight, and the engine’s ability to accelerate that weight to determine power. That’s how a “mustang dyno works. Other dynos use a known load, either an amount of water pumped, or an amount of electricity generated to find out the amount of power created. The mechanisms behind both methods are much more complicated, but are generally accepted as better, and more useful results, since they can be applied “steady state”. Meaning an engineer can find out how much power is produced at any given rpm continuously.



How do technicians determine the cause of a fire? Eg. to a cigarette stub when everything is burned out

I was a fire investigator for 6 years. We go about finding what started a fire by A) looking at burn patterns and B) interviewing the people that were there if possible.

If the whole house has not burned down, I look for the that has the most burn damage. In a urban area where the fire department is pretty responsive, you may only get smoke damage in most of the house. This rules out the rest of the house from starting the fire. Let’s say the most burnt area is near the kitchen. You start asking yourself what can start a fire in that area. Usually this would be your stove, electrical systems, candles etc. The next thing you would do is rule out each possible source of fire by looking at witness marks. These are distinct marks where the flames appeared to originate. Eventually you will get to a point where you can conclusively rule out what definitely did not cause the fire and hopefully left with one source of the fire.

It is not uncommon to sift through an entire room of debris to find common sources of ignition. When sifting, we have found cigarette butts, arced wires, matches, and one time an 85 year old woman’s stash of condoms. If we believe arson was a possibility, we will take samples of the area for chemical analysis. Arson is pretty obvious as it leaves what is called a ghosting pattern on the floor. We can pull samples from the edges of the burn and test for gasoline etc. When it comes down to it, all fires need fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition. This is called the fire triangle. Our job is to look for the source of ignition.

For those asking about forest fires, I was not in that type of work but I assume the same way. I am sure they use an areal view of the area to determine the starting point and go from there.

– CoGa 




What does it feel like to become addicted to cigarettes?

I’m 30 and started smoking when i was 12. by the time i was 15 i was a full fledged pack a day smoker. over the years i have witnessed many people fall prey to the habit.

you start by smoking here and there, maybe you don’t inhale at first, maybe you just like to blow it out your nose or smoke it like a cigar. it’s only on certain occasions.

if you are fiddling with cigarettes, you likely have friends that are smoking, also. so you are hanging out, maybe having a few beers, and you see them smoking and decide to be social with them, and also have a cig, but alas, you have none. so you bum a few off a friend for the night. you kind of like it. it just feels good to have one with some drinks or just when you’re talking and laughing. soon you do this every time you get together for a drink/movie/whatever. it’s not a big deal, it’s just once in a blue moon.

after a while, your friends start complaining that you are always asking for cigarettes but you never seem to have your own, you cheap son of a bitch. those shits are expensive. maybe next time you could come prepared and letother people bum them. so you buy a pack prior to the next gathering. it feels weird to order them at the counter, but whatever. it’s only for the night and you feel like an asshole smoking everyone’s cigarettes all night. you see how they act when they run low. you don’t want to be that guy.

so now you have your own pack of cigarettes. it’s just for the socialness of it. but at the end of the night you have leftovers. you leave them for a friend because what the hell do you need them for? the night is over. it’s not like you’re going to smoke them tomorrow.

eventually there comes a time where you decide you may as well keep the cigarettes you bought. they are expensive and you’re sick of having to buy them every time you go out, so you’ll just save them for next time.

now, a weird thing happens when you have your own pack of cigarettes. maybe you’ll get the idea to just smoke one after a shitty day, maybe you won’t. maybe you’ll have your own 6 pack while you watch the game. if you have a few beers, you will notice a strange urge to have one of those cigarettes. for the past few months, every time you’ve had drinks with friends you’ve had a few cigarettes. it’s like they go together. it’s just what you do. but there’s no one else there, it’s just you.

so you have a little debate with yourself. you don’t need the cig, but you sure would like to have it. it’s not going to ruin your night either way.

if you decide to have that cigarette, you have fucking failed. you are doomed. doomed. what you have done is solidified an association with having drinks and smoking cigarettes. it is no longer a social thing. you love the little buzz you get. you love playing with it as you sip your drink. you love trying to make smoke rings or whatever other cutesy shit you do to amuse yourself while you smoke it. you don’t realize it, but you now have a habit. an itsy bitsy manageable habit, but a habit nonetheless.

you may now find yourself looking forward to outings with friends because you can’t wait to have an occasion to smoke a cig or two. you might notice a feeling of “nakedness” if you have beer or two with dinner but no cigarette. you might hang out with your smoker friends on non drinking occasions and feel that same sense of something missing. then you see someone light a cig and it hits you. you want that fucking thing. shit. you have another internal debate with yourself about whether or not to have a cigarette without the drinks. you don’t even have cigs on you. if you decide to bum one now, you are officially screwed. you gave in. now you’ve solidified an association between social occasions and smoking. you will come to expect this at gatherings. going out to dinner? let me join you for a cigarette. cookout? you don’t mind if i have one of those, do you? i didn’t bring any because i’m not drinking.

so now you smoke at social drinking occasions, you might smoke when drinking at home, and you also smoke when just hanging out. your friends again chastise you for bumming their cigarettes. buy your fucking own if you want one that bad, they say. you promise to bring your own next time…

now you smoke often enough to expect a cigarette after certain occasions. after dinner? smoke. movie’s over? smoke. drinks at bob’s? smoke. you dun goofed, and it’s all downhill from here. you’ve accidentally built cigarettes into your life.

– masshole4life




When a load of beautiful women hang around rich guys, are they paid directly? Just in drinks? Where do they go at the end of the day? Do they hang around rich guys as a job?

Source: I used to work in Las Vegas nightclubs, my friends are hosts at Las Vegas nightclubs and we see/talk about this topic often. We also know many of these girls personally.

There are 3 different types of girls that we’re talking about here.

Atmosphere models, Companions(unpaid atmosphere models), Escorts

Atmosphere Models are attractive girls who are hired by a venue (club/bar etc) to hang out with guests and participate in the day’s activities. They are to dress like normal girls and are not supposed to tell people that they are hired workers, BUT what they do is completely legal. They are hired simply to make the venue look better because ‘hot’ girls hang out there. They are not hired on the basis of being a hooker or an escort. If they happen to have sex with someone after attending the event, that is individual to them and sometimes that happens. I know girls who are atmosphere models who are just normal chicks, they get paid $200 to hang out at the party, and then they go home as soon as they aren’t paid anymore. I also know atmosphere models who fuck rich dudes and go on their boats and all of the above, but they don’t consider themselves escorts, they just hang with the rich dudes and go on vacations with them because it seems like a fun opportunity and also…these girls sometimes want to get wifed up and get married to a rich guy. What better way to meet a rich guy than to be an atmosphere model and get paid to hang around rich dudes. Honestly this is a pretty good business venture for these girls.

There are also atmosphere model companions, these are atmosphere model’s best friends and they basically do the same shit as the atmosphere models but they don’t get paid to go to the party and they make sure that their friend isn’t roofied or raped. They also go on vacation with rich dudes and look to marry/fuck rich dudes. it’s a good business venture for these girls because they just hang out and get to go on awesome trips and do rich people things.

Escorts, These girls are hired by men to have dinner with them/go on dates/ go on vacations/ and sometimes have sex. These girls are on a mission and only see this as work, it’s not necessarily for fun, even if they do have fun. Escorts are often pimped out by guys or by websites and they make money on whatever activity they do. These girls can also be considered sugar babies. Sugar babies are basically paid girlfriends.

There are also girls who aren’t any of these by label, but hot girls tend to gravitate towards the best party. If you’re rich as fuck and you’re popping bottles in the club (like big fucking bottles), hot girls will naturally just gravitate towards your table because your table is going to be the best party in the whole damn club, but…if you’re ugly as fuck and nasty and creepy, normal girls aren’t going to come to your table even if you’re blowing hella cash. It’s not that worth it. If there’s a table blowing hella cash and they’re nasty and creepy, hot girls will just go to the second best party that has dudes that are both good-looking and rich.

The short answer is, some girls are atmosphere models and are totally normal, they get paid to hang around rich dudes but they aren’t required to do anything sexual or anything. Its a job. There are girls who get paid to go to the party, but end up fucking and hanging with rich dudes, and then there are escorts, which are basically classier hookers.