A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos

October 14, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Sports

Luke Walton showed up to practice hungover once and Kobe did the most Kobe thing ever 


Trash talk at its finest


Olympic gymnast Simone Biles (4’8″) posing with Chicago Bulls Robin Lopez (7′ 0″) shoe


First Person view of a mountain biker going down one of the hardest mountain bike trails in the world, the Red Bull Hardline Trail


This is how the NFL wants players to react after scoring a TD


High School football team is so dominant that other schools are forfeiting rather than play them (article)

“We made a decision based on the health and welfare of our kids,” says Johnson.

Stacey Morris is a parent of one of the players and she agreed: “We can’t put our 5-foot-8, 125-pound quarterback up against their nose tackle who happens to be 6’5″ and weighs over 330 pounds. He’s going to put that kid in the hospital.”


Kelly Macnamara, the first female kicker in North Penn High School’s history destroys returner


HS wide receiver makes one of the most nonchalant one-handed catches


100 Years ago Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-0 in a football game. Jon Bois describes how the hell this happened 


A guy wearing a Harambe suit and an All Lives Matter t-shirt ran on the field during the Bears vs. Lions NFL game


Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly ran onto the field at a high school football game after a hit on his brother


Redskins Ziggy Hood Admits To Josh Norman That He Ate His Lifesavers In The Middle Of The Game


The 16 participants of the 2005 Pride 205lb tournament


Conor Mcgregor looking like a heroin addict after his weigh in for the Siver fight. It’s hard to imagine him going back down when you see what it does to him physically


Vitor Belfort before and after TRT


Tim Tebow smashes into outfield wall


Bo Jackson snaps a bat over his knee in 1993


Fencing is a pretty hard sport to appreciate as a spectator so here’s a visualised video that shows you the movements of the blade 


WTF…A Kids MMA Match?!?!


The tennis player who jumped 500 ranking places to #2 in the world, after her breast reduction surgery. Simona Halep. 

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