A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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In Israel, if you are in the active military you must carry your weapon with you at all times 


This is a tardigrade, a tiny creature that can survive nearly anything: temperatures as low as 1K, insane amounts of radiation, vacuum of outer space, 30 years without food or water


At DisneyLand all photos of Walt Disney have his cigarettes photo-shopped out



Fastest Hydroplane on Earth

After over a 100 years of evolution in race boat design, the modern Unlimited Hydroplane is the worlds fastest race boat, capable of speeds over 200mph and powered by a 3000 horsepower Lycorning T-55 L-7 military Chinook helicopter turbine engine. 


C-130 specially modified to land in a stadium and rescue hostages in Iran in 1980


Before And After Cosplay (Alyson Tabbitha)


If 100 people lived on the Earth



Blind Man’s Rubik’s Cube


Dentist fixing tooth decay 


Baby delivery hospital bill from 1954…Inflation adjusted to 2016 $893.93

The U.S. Census Bureau figures for housing prices over the decades are difficult to wrap your mind around. In 1950, the median home price was just $7,354. Wow! Fast forward 50 years, and the median home price was $119,600, peaking at $227,100 in 2006.

Adjusting those numbers for inflation gives us some perspective. The median price for a home in 1950 in inflation-adjusted dollars was $44,600. Compared to the median price in 2006, that’s an increase of more than $182,000 in 56 years!