I’m Back!

November 1, 2016 | 12 Comments » | Topics: main

Sorry about the absence yesterday. Got really drunk on Sunday and had a hell of a hangover on Monday. Finally starting to feel normal again. Be back with the updates shortly.

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  • Antonio Noria Roca

    And most of us are still too drunk find the ipad!

  • Guest

    Hahaha. It happens. As I’ve always said: The day I can’t do my job drunk, is the day I hang up the keys to the school bus.

    • Gortiz345


  • Dan

    You were gone? Kidding, kidding, good to have you back man. Why not open things with an Instagram model with really big… uh, personality traits. Yeah! That’s works.

  • Paulo

    Back to work!!!! Dumping grounds sayajin style!!!!! And thick leg girls!

  • miguel

    No apologies for being awesome. Everyone deserves a break.

  • JP

    Dude, if it’s any testament of how awesome your blog is, it is when you miss ONE day. Live your life brutha!

  • Pauly Incorrect

    That’s bullshit. I’m drunk every day and I never miss checking out your posts.

  • MattTarango

    Pepto-Bismol is your friend, because it works. It does not cure hangovers, but relieves symptoms greatly. Try it.

  • Tingle

    Bought time. I’ve hit F5 a million times.

  • Poe

    I was legit worried lol Glad you’re back!

  • Bob Frapples

    Must’ve been hard dodging all the Clinton scandals to find bullshit Trump memes while hungover.