A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos

November 4, 2016 | 3 Comments » | Topics: main, Sports

The reaction of a Cubs fan who waited 81 years! 


Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs can’t contain a smile as he fires off the easy out to win the World Series


Brock Lesnar – 2000 NCAA Championships




 MMA fighter Enson Inoue leaked section of PrideFC contract that says fighters were allowed to be on steroids


Hockey players are awesome


Tony Romo Halloween Costume


Jason Witten’s touchdown reward 


Someone just threw a Dildo on the goal line for the Patriots and Bills game 


Suarez the troll 


Ray Allen’s career 


Cleveland Cavaliers’ Halloween Costumes


LeBron’s super spooky Halloween decoration


Dwyane Wade casually practicing his 3 point shot while his teammates get in a scuffle