A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos

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Rocky Graziano, middleweight champion boxer, portrait taken by director Stanley Kubrick in 1947




Yoel Romero taking a picture with Shaq


Conor McGregor turns Super Saiyan


Conor McGregor drew twice as many buys in 1 year than the entire UFC in 2014 (article)

Anderson Silva has drawn either 9.3 milion buys, or around 10.5 million if you stretch the rules to include UFC 200. He managed that over 17 or 18 events respectively, for an average of 550,000 or 585,000 buys per event.

Brock Lesnar actually has a higher average than GSP; he has drawn around 7.7 million buys over 8 events, for an average of 970,000 buys per event.

Ronda Rousey, who many people call the biggest star in UFC history, has drawn around 5.1 million buys in 7 events, for an average of around 730,000 buys per event.

So how does Conor McGregor compare against these titans? Well, in Conor’s first 12 months of headlining pay-per-views, he brought in around 3.5 million buys. From three events.

McGregor’s first three pay-per-views drew more buys than GSP’s best three ever.

McGregor’s worst three drew more buys than Ronda Rousey’s best three.

McGregor’s 3.5 million buys from July 2015 to March 2016 was more than the entire UFCmanaged in 2014, which was estimated at around 3 – 3.2 million buys



Justin Wren is a good dude


“One of the hardest I’ve been hit in my career,” – Gronk 


Luke Kuechly was carted off the field in tears after suffering another apparent head injury


The home gym of Tom Brady


Steph Curry & KD are both averaging over 27 PPG and shooting 50%. No team in NBA history has ever had 2 players do that in the same season


Kobe Bryant Talks About a Brilliant Defensive Strategy


LeBron James Just Donated $41 Million To Send 1,100 Kids To College 

report from ESPN says that the star, who often says he is “just a kid from Akron,” combined forces with the University of Akron to provide college educations for students in the community. In his “I Promise” program, students who qualify are guaranteed a 4-year scholarship to the University.

Tuition and the University’s general service fee (about $9,500 a year) will be covered by the scholarship. Conclusively, the scholarship will cover the costs for approximately 1,100 students, which will cost LeBron’s foundation just over $41 million.


Japanese baseball superstar Shohei Otani crushes a fly ball through a 2 foot gap in the roof


Kate Upton’s response to the AL Cy Young voting


Kovalev vs Ward this weekend! Who ya got??

Paulie Malignaggi breakdown of Kovalev vs Ward


Instead of drinking Gatorade, this is what the German champions drink after a victory 


Klay Thompson enjoying a bruski after the game


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