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November 22, 2016 | 1 Comment » | Topics: TRUTH

What’s for lunch today?

hrmmmm good question i think i wanna veggie burg and sweet potato friessssss

What was your life like pre-porn?

I grew up a tomboy all through my elementary and junior high. I always played outside and mostly hung out with guys. Girls seemed too catty for me. I liked playing sports and hanging out with the boys. That lasted until junior high when I got a little girlier.

When did you lose your virginity?

 I was 13 years old. I was very, very young. I guess guys became a perk for me. 

Were you promiscuous after that?

I definitely enjoyed myself. It was more so that I had a select few partners who I experimented with. It wasn’t until college that I really started to sleep with more people. I think there were maybe 3 or 4 in the 5 years after I lost my virginity before college. It sounds promiscuous but it was just that I was with the same people a lot. I had a lot of sex.

What about girls, were you with girls before porn too?

Oh yeah. I was with girls before I was ever with guys. I was with a girl when I was 12. I was the girl who turned other girls out. (laughs) I was kind of like a guy in that regard. I was “let’s do this!”, “let’s do that!” Always trying to get them to do stuff with me. I had a good time. I taught a lot of girls how to kiss.

When and why did you choose to work in the adult industry?

I was in college and I had to go home for the summer. I couldn’t afford to stay on campus. My family was paying for my room and board and my tuition. During the summer, they wanted me to get a job and support myself. The only problem was, they refused to let me work during the school year. So there were virtually no jobs available only for the summer. So I looked on Craig’s List and I thought it would be cool to be one of those dancers in a club, those girls that just stand up there and dance all night long. I could do that because that’s what I did anyways when I went to a club. I was looking through all these ads and no club would let me in because I was 18 and you had to be 21 because they served alcohol.

So I stumbled across this ad for an agency and it said ‘Do you want to earn $20,000 a month?’ For a college student, for most people, your eyes pop out of your head. Um, yes? The job was for a porn agency and I thought, ‘I can do this, let me just send in my pictures.’ So I sent them in and they got back to me right away and said they’d pay for my flights both ways, they’d pay for me to go there and if I didn’t like it, they’d pay for me to go home. I thought that was perfect because I didn’t have any money. So I went to all my friends and said, “OK guys, what do you think? Should I be a porn star or not?” And everybody was totally gung ho for it. They said they’d be my biggest fans and supporters. So I packed up a big suitcase with all my belongings. I got there and I was completely green. A month in, I was deciding to move to LA to continue to work in the industry. Shortly thereafter, my whole family knew what was going on. I had planned on going back to school but at that point, once your family knows, you’re like, eh, so I kept going. And then the next thing you know, here I am!

What is the best thing about working in porn that maybe most people don’t consider?

I get to explore myself sexually and encourage others to do so in a safe environment. oh and the harder i cum the more money i make. thats pretty cool.

Do you truly enjoy anal or only fake it on scene?

I love the shit out of it.. ahahhahahahaha pun intended. I actually have a magic asshole its always clean and yes i love it

What is your favorite act to perform on a person?

cowgirl bitch betta werk.

Do you prefer to spit or swallow? 

I only swallow if it tastes good so drink water and eat some damn fruits and veggies

Do you squirt? Alot of people argue its pee, others say its not, can you share some insight into this?

Its not peeeeeeee! i pee before and after and still squirt buckets. dont know wtf it is but its not pee

What would you never ever ever do at work?

I dont like degrading anyone, myself or others. im not into racial slurs and i dont like encouraging some of the darker fantasies. While they may be fun I feel like they lead down a darker path

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen happen while on set?

A guy accidentally catch his own money shot in the mouth.

How much does makeup change your appearance? I have seen videos that show the transformation that makeup does (in porn) it it was quiet crazy. How long are you in the makeup chair before the shoot?

An hour and a half. i love my bare face to be honest.

What kind of stigma have you faced about your chosen profession?

All of them. The hardest i would say though has been becoming a mother. people seem to think the two dont mix. like sex and being a mother somehow cancel one another out which makes no sense.

How many kids do you have and how old are they?

I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old.

How do you plan to tell your kids about your profession/how have you?

Still formulating my game plan but i like to teach understanding and compassion. i like to teach diversity and freedom. i want them to have open minds not just about me but about people and im hoping to pave the way as far as thats concerned. if they can see past my profession imagine their understanding of other people.

What’s the weirdest thing you have encountered with a fan?

On the daily people do the obscene and strange to try and stand out. not much i havent seen. including someone telling me that their DOG was my biggest fan and my voice put the DOG to sleep. but they themselves didnt care for me much.

How has your work in porn affected your interest in sex outside of work?

Im a freak. My sex drive is sky high on and off camera.

Do you watch your own porn sometimes? 

No because I’m a girl still. I’m very picky about myself. There are some angles I don’t want to see myself in. I would be very, very judgmental. I don’t like the sound of my voice being played back to me. That’s another thing that I’m very judgmental of myself about. The only thing I paid attention to were my photos. Photos I can easily change. I know what positions look good and don’t look good.

What is that one thing that always turns you on?

Secure people. Insecurity isnt sexy.

What’s in store for after your current career?

There are lots of things im interested in doing, being a mom is my number one priority for now though. i want to cook, write, dance… even want to be a doula!

What sex toy(s) would you recommend for a couple?

hitachi. for both of you.

What’s the one thing you could eat everyday for the rest of your life and be totally happy with it? 

lasagnaaaaa with a bazillion mushrooms in it. no meat naturally.

Favorite movie?

Scarface, requiem for a dream, forrest gump, fear and loathing.

Favorite book?

Sex, time and power by Leonard Shlain


aaaagh i cant wait for that shit to come back

Cat person or a dog person?

I have 5 dogs and 2 cats but i love them all the same

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  • AussieDan

    Amazing – I never thought I’d be grateful for America’s strict alcohol laws, they are responsible for creating a porn legend lol