I Love The Smell Of Sweet Justice In The Morning

December 1, 2016 | 2 Comments » | Topics: main

The Slap Of Justice


Drunk driver with road rage gets his ass kicked


Man waits for his opportunity to strike at robber and then paces like a lion…. Kid got what he deserved


MMA trained Gas station clerk teaches gangsters a lesson


If you are going to cut off traffic and flip them the bird, you had better look where you are going


Guy throws a beer bottle into crowd


Guy trying to intimidate Man gets knocked out with one punch


“Where is that god damn patrol car?” *zap*


Woman gets caught stealing cookie, called out and shamed by owner


2 Robbers Get Locked Inside A Cell-Phone Store In NJ, Crowd Gathers Outside To Laugh At Them


Disorderly a-holes ejected from Dodger game, taunt stadium security; receive justice.