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Confessions Of Pornstar Alexis Texas

December 12, 2016 | 2 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

What is your favorite thing from Whataburger?

Yum whataburger I hate that they take soo long for your order but love their chicken strips!!

What was your first job?

My first job was at a nursing home as a personal care assistant 

When did you lose your virginity?

I was 17.

Were you promiscuous after that?

I was. Sex was just a good feeling that I didn’t want to give up.

You are known for your ass, when did that ass start to grow out?

I’ve had this my entire life. I’ve started to embrace it more and was more voluptuous more towards high school. I just kind of tweaked it to enjoy my sexuality and make the boys all go crazy. All they boys enjoyed my big booty.

How did you get started in porn?

I got into porn in 2006 with a company called Shane’s World. They were doing a line called College Amateur Tour, trying to get girls who had never done porn before and I was the prodigy of that movie. I didn’t even know it was porn at first. I thought it was a TV dating show. 

Why did you join the industry?

It just kind of fell into my lap with the Shane’s World thing. I had never thought about getting into porn, I had never looked at porn before. I was just comfortable with my sexuality and felt comfortable in my own skin. It’s art, it’s how I express myself. We’re not all stick figures so we should all embrace our womanly figures.

How old were you?

 I was 21.

What are the best and worst aspects of the porn industry?

Best for me is that I get to travel the world and meet really awesome people and am allowed to be the sexual being that I am ..worst would be the stereotypes that come along with being a porn star and how we are precieved my the main stream world as negative

What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry?

How good the sex is on set. I really thought I would get tired of it or that it would start to feel like a business. But I’m still into it, especially when it’s for my own site. Because then I’ve chosen the exact person I want to fuck, and the way I want to fuck them. 

What is the weirdest scene that you’ve filmed?

I did a scene with, I think it’s Kelly Madison and her husband – I don’t know his name – but we did the scenes with angel wings. All of us were wearing angel wings.

We were all wearing angel wings, the big Victoria Secret runway – huge f*cking wings. He was a dark angel and we were like the sweet angels. It was so horrible. It was great in pictures, but trying to get three people to have sex with wings on… it was not fun, not comfortable. Yeah. I don’t know how birds have sex. I don’t know how they have orgies. I don’t know how they do any of that.

If your male co star is having trouble getting hard do you help him BTS with a blowjob or rubbing your giant booty on his dick to help get him hard or are you more of a leave me alone and get it hard yourself type of girl?

I’m always there to lend a helping hand mouth hole

Do you ever have sex with your co-stars during behind-the-scenes?

I have had Sex with my co stars during bts or breaks between filming .. It’s hard not to when you have great chemistry with your co star it just leaves you wanting more !!

What is the most offensive thing a male actor might do during a typical shoot?

I would have to say if they cum in your eye that’s the worst!

What are your plans after you retire? Are you ever interested in producing or directing adult films?

I have started directing/producing with elegant Angel .. I have directed 3 movies so far and I really enjoy it!

Does size really matter?

For me personally I don’t think size matters . I mean you have to have something to work with but it’s not the size of the boat it’s the motion in the ocean baby!!!

What makes a man sexy to you?

People can be sexy is so many ways. Confidence is a key though. Even if you’re a submissive type, you should be confident about it.  I find a lot of people have to grow into that as they get older and have more experience.

Has any fans ever try to hit on you in public?

Yes it doesn’t hurt to try the worst thing that could happen is I say NO lol

Have you ever slept with a fan?

No I prefer air conditioning


How does your family feel about your decision to be an adult model?

My family respects and is supportive of the decision I made to become an adult model. 

When you meet people outside of the porn world, do you tell them what you do for a living, or do you have a go-to lie?

I don’t tend to lie. I don’t like to lie. I don’t like to divulge information that people don’t need to know. I try to predict how someone might react to a situation. If they’re going to go really crazy, or they even think like– they’re so conservative. Because I’m from Texas at the end of the day, so I know all the conservative Republicans very well. So you just have to play it safe.

When you do tell people what you do, do guys get different with their boundaries? Do they treat you differently?

I try not to surround myself around what I would call “groupies” if I sense it. I feel like if a new guy comes around and I can tell he wants to get into my lineup of men that I’m around… I don’t know. I try to, I guess, weed out the ones that are — Did you watch my porn? Are you a superfan? Are you trying to do this to make you look cool? Or are you just genuine, and you really like me? So, I try to weed those out. I am a pretty good judge of character, I like to say.

If you had not joined the adult industry, what do you think you would be doing now?

Being a nurse 

Favorite movie?

Favorite movie has to be dirty dancing

What is your favorite food?

Fried chicken

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Pepperoni and sausage what can I say I love meat !!=

What’s best piece of advice (professional and/or personal) that you have ever received?

To stay humble

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  • Stephen Davis

    I totally love Alexis Texas, the way that woman works cock is unbelievable. I have jacked off to several of her movies especially when she’s sucking cocktail or reverse cowgirl. My God can she make me cumm, I Love you Alexis Texas but especially for Cumming into my home and intertaining me, your the greatest and what I wouldn’t give to have a day with you but I haven’t seen you in a movie with a black guy so I wouldn’t stand a chance. Never the less I still watch your videos and masterbait to you all the time,Loving ya bunches Alexis Texas 😚😙😗😘😍😘😗😙😚😎

  • Lewis

    “It’s art, it’s how I express myself.”
    Shut up stupid whore, you’re sucking dick for a living.