A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos

December 16, 2016 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Sports

“Time is something that cannot be bought, it cannot be wagered with God, and it is not in endless supply, time is simply how you live your life….” – Craig Sager


The Bucks wore shooting shirts honoring Craig Sager yesterday night


Cavs sick new intro video


He lived up to the hype and then some


You know the dunk is legit when the opposing bench reacts like that


NBA 3pt leaders 1980 – Present


Hank Aaron, Eddie Matthews and others sign autographs in the locker room 


How to properly block a Field Goal


If New England wins this weekend there will be no team with a winning record against New England in the Belichick era


Odell Beckham Jr. is faster than you


Gotta Give Russell Wilson Some Props For Visiting Children’s Hospital On The Regular


Braxton Miller was an Xbox level spin move


Two hockey players get hit with the puck seconds apart, both yell “Aw, Fuck!”


Kyle Okposo Gradually Gets Happier Through His Career


Stickhandling 101 


This hockey player smiling as the crowd cheers his name (he scored three goals)!


The most iconic move in all of combat sports, ‘The Ali Shuffle’


Faces of college wrestling


Max Holloway talking to his son after the fight


This dude has like 0% Body Fat

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  • the man from amsterdam

    what the hell kind of creature is that 0% fat one at the bottom. ugh. its like a really buff not-rotten zombie. ew dude.

  • Captain_Sensible50

    If you know basketball history, you’ll know that James is over-rated.

    There are, what, 30+ teams today? Back in the Dark Ages of the Sixties, there were less than 10. The team with the best record in the league- usually the Celtics in those days, had what is almost a Lottery Pick today. There were only 120 or so players in the entire league, so there were very few, if any, marginal players such as populate teams today. There are starters in the league that would not have been drafted, much less start, in the Sixties.

    Players today, with very few exceptions, don’t know how to play defense- or just don’t bother doing so. If they can’t dunk the ball or shoot a three, they seem entirely lost. Team play doesn’t exist. Again, there are a bare handful of exceptions to those statements but, as someone who watched professional basketball from the mid-70s until the early 00s, the pro game today is painful to watch.

    Add in the fact that officials seem not to know what a travelling violation is…or palming the ball….or…well, what calls do they know?

    But isn’t LeBron James a “freak of nature” with skills never before seen?


    Google “Maurice Stokes”.