300 Pound Powerlifter And 12 Year Old Girl With A Rare Disease Form Unlikely Friendship

January 3, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Life

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If you were to meet a 6-foot-tall, 330-pound powerlifter nicknamed “The Beast,” chances are you wouldn’t expect him to have a soft side. But David Douglas spits in the face of that notion. The weightlifter can bench 600 pounds and deadlift 770, but when it comes to being a sweetheart, his abilities are limitless.

While competing in a powerlifting event in Detroit, he met a very special little girl who changed his life forever.

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Lindsay suffers from progeria, an unfortunate disorder that ages human beings 8-10 times the normal rate. Most people with the disorder live an average of 13 years.

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Douglas first met Lindsay at Relentless, which was a powerlifting event sponsored by HopeKids, an organization that benefits children with rare diseases. Since the moment they meet, she became his “little sis.” 

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Turns out Lindsay was a fan of his and the coordinator of the event reached out to David, asking him if he’d be so kind as to meet with him. He immediately agreed and they’ve been friends ever since. He wrote about his relationship with Lindsay on Aplus:

“I knew she meant something to me, but after everything that has happened, there is no words to describe how I feel about her. She has pulled me out of rough spots just by thinking of her. That is a priceless gift. That is why I made it my duty to help her out in any way that I can. We tried hard to get her on the Ellen show so that we could spread her story of this rare condition to the world, but fell short, but still truly hoping to get on there. One of Lindsay’s favorite shows.”

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After the Relentless Detroit lifting event, Douglas and Lindsay kept in touch and became very close friends.

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Douglas even surprised Lindsay by flying to Michigan for a charity walk.