A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

January 3, 2017 | 6 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

3 young royal heirs around the world, Denmark, Marocco and Japan


This is the blood vessels of a real person who donated there body for scientific display purposes


Sikh NYPD officers now have the uniform option of full turbans


Sarah Ramadan, the girl who overcame anorexia 


Since losing his arm, tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet uses a prosthetic arm that doubles as a tattoo machine


Morning commute in Japan 


Opera house in Germany 


German gun turret from WWII in France 


Ballerina who lost her leg to cancer now uses her ankle as a knee joint to continue dancing


The same street, 71 years ago.


At a veterinary clinic in Belgium


French Special Forces Operator (GIGN)

The helmet is the MSA TC 500  Mounted on the front of the helmet is a Thales Group LUCIE Wide FOV Compact Night Vision Goggle . He is also wearing Peltor ComTac III Hearing Protection / Communications headset , and a Petzl STRIX headlamp with IR strobe .


Ames Room Illusion


The UK now gives a breakdown of what your taxes were spent on


Actual cost of McDonald’s items


Homicide rates: Europe vs. the USA 


The Space Shuttle Is Majestic AF!


Getting the perfect shot…You can see how they did it in this blog post

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  • Tingle

    Shame the space shuttle program was shuttered. Awesome ship.

  • Steve Gilbert

    The homicide map would be better if you could see it broke down by counties in America.
    Most of the homicides happen in the large cities.
    Many of the rural counties have a homicide once every 10 years, if that many.

    • Baw Claw

      Same rules apply to Europe then you dimwit. Do you not think cities like London and Paris have a higher murder rate than rural areas in the UK and France?

      • JCA100

        Uncalled for…

        • MightyMule

          Stupidity is it’s own beacon for correction.

    • JCA100

      This is an example of how the left creates fake news. The illustrations are at best a half of loaf, meaning that you are right Mr. Steve Gilbert. They never really define the problem, democrats are always a half of loaf off. Then, Claw to the skull misses it entirely…and Mule to be determined later. 2017 is going to be great!