The Ultimate Adult Entertainment Fan Has Created The Ultimate Review Site

January 5, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: main

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There is just so much adult entertainment out there, these days. We have everything, from professional sites run by those with a good eye for anything artistic and erotic, to a guy who likes to hire local girls to get naked in his mom’s basement and films it all with his five year old smartphone. How do you know what is what in this saturated market? One guy has thought of the perfect tool to help you. His name is The Porn Dude and he sits at his computer all day long, watching different clips on different adult destinations, so he can review all of the sites (under this type of entertainment) that are decent. It’s a lot of work, but someone has to do it, right?

The Porn Dude is different from other directories for many reasons. First of all, he’s just a guy. It’s not some company or thing that is generated to get you to join every site in the world. Second of all, and perhaps the most important idea, is that The Porn Dude is an erotic fan. He loves adult entertainment and hot babes on a site like ImageFap, so he’s really not put out by having to watch it all day in order to give great reviews. In addition, his genuine appreciation of the biz makes him a great candidate to make worthwhile reviews of the stuff. He knows what people want to see in a site and what might annoy them a bit, and he’s not afraid to put both out there.

His site kind of works like some of the social sharing sites out there, except the only one voting is The Porn Dude. He only features the best adult platforms, and there are no duds in his lists, which cover a wide variety of topics from straight intercourse to taboo topics that might make you squirm in your seat a bit. Most of his readers appreciate that their time isn’t wasted by having to sift through reviews of mediocre sites, as they can just focus on the ones that are worth their time. Some of the lists on the site are short because of this, but you can bet they will lead you to the type of erotic movies that you want to watch in a quality viewing experience.

If you’re tired of typical review sites with scores and reviews of less than stellar sites, on which you have to do a lot to search through their library of every site in existence, then you will do well to try The Porn Dude. He tells you what to watch and if how many people have been using him for recommendations is any indication, you can trust his taste for features and his eye for where good quality films and fetish fantasies can be found.

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