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  • Bob Frapples

    “Four Teens Torture Mentally Challenged Man on Facebook Live”
    “Four Racist Black Teens Torture Mentally Challenged White Man on Facebook Live”
    Liberals love to leave shit out when it doesn’t follow the narrative. You’ll “report” on it because you’re a click whore, but you won’t report the whole story.

  • galf

    When NBC Nightly news first reported on it, they showed the video feed, but conveniently cropped it.

    “F Donald Trump. F White people, boy. F White people” was the more popularly seen clip. However, when NBC played the clip, it went “F Donald Trump” and then cut back to Lester Holt.

    They do mention the racial aspect of the assault, but they deliberately didn’t show the part where the teens say “F white people”